YouTube to Limit Video Quality to 480p Globally for a Month

Sujan Koirala 26 Mar, 2020

As this content is somehow related to the Corona Virus Outbreak, I would start the content by saying #stayhome and #staysafe. Most of the countries in the world are now affected by Covid-19 and most of these countries have been lockdown to maintain social distance and minimize the spread of this Virus. So, most people are at home doing work from home or staying at home out to lockdown. And the easiest way to pass time is surfing the internet. Following the increase in traffic on the internet, many streaming services are lowering video quality to prevent traffic congestion.

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Streaming Video takes more internet bandwidth than music, chat or maps due to large file transmission. As the traffic is increasing day by day on the internet, streaming services are forced to lower the video quality. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar and now, Youtube has joined the list to lower the default video quality.


It seems the default video quality for youtube video now will be 480p. But, if you want you can simply change this to HD quality via setting. Due to lockdown, the people streaming video over youtube or any other private streaming provider has increased exponentially. So, users have to face this lowered video quality problem for some time until this Corona Outbreak is under control.

Youtube, a company under Alphabet Inc, believes that the world won’t run out of internet bandwidth anytime soon but this step is taken as the precautions over the growing internet traffic. 

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Talking in context on Nepal, The ISPN as well WorldLink, Vianet has already told there is a huge increase in the traffic on the internet for the past week. And it’s not so easy to increase the capacity of the company during this lockdown period. So, they are suggesting to use the internet wisely. Playing Online Games, Streaming HD Contents may use high internet bandwidth, so the companies are suggesting to have control over these services.


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