Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Full Review | Should You Buy it?

GadgetFrame 28 Mar, 2019

Very rarely is a budget smartphone as height as the brand new Redmi Note 7 Pro but does it live up to the hype? Do we have a Best budget smartphone in the form of the Redmi Note 7 pro? Well, it's time we find out. Before, that don't forget to check out the Redmi Note 7 Pro Price in Nepal.

A lot of you guys have a lot of questions around the Redmi Note 7 Pro and well hopefully we'll be able to answer them all in this full review. I'm pretty sure you all know about the highlights of this one there's the new refresh design, the 48 megapixels Sony IMX 586 camera and the new Snapdragon 675 processor. So as this is a Redmi Note there are some major updates and that's what makes this one truly exciting.

First off let's start off with the design here, with the Redmi Note 7 Pro Xiaomi has finally glass front and the glass back that looks and feels amazing. The back here features Gorilla Glass 5 as the front and that means it's not prone to scratches. Anyway, on the front, there is the teardrop notch here that gives the phone really modern look. There's still the chin here but I'm not complaining since this is a budget smartphone plus the Redmi note phones have always had good displays and the Redmi note 7 pro is no exception.

The LCD display here is just as good as it gets in this price range. It's vibrant and even it's not the brightest it gets a job done outdoors so no problems on the display. This phone also has the notification LED on the bottom chain which is a nice surprise.

I mean most phones with the teardrop notch tend to skip this so kudos to Xiaomi here apart from that I like the perfectly placed tactile buttons on the note 7 Pro. And the fact that it has everything including the headphone jack, the AI blaster and the USBC port which is still a rarity in this pricing. Hopefully, this is a year when all budget phones will have the USB C port there's also the fingerprint scanner here which is placed perfectly and it's really fast just the way I like it.

Moving on to the next highlight, the 48-megapixel camera on the back. Now, this is a true 48-megapixel sensor. Here we are talking about the Sony IMAX 586 48 megapixel sensor that's featured in higher in phones like the MI 9, it’s just impressive to see a phone priced so low packing in a high-end camera sensor. Now let's get to the camera performance, Redmi Note 7 pro captures photos that are bright, detailed and have great dynamic range. I don't like the fact that some photos come out a bit oversharpened but overall I like the photos that this phone captures. Many times the phone surprised me with some amazing photos like this one.

Redmi note 7 pro camera is pretty good in the low-light too which is where most budget smartphones tend to struggle. I like the fact that the note 7 pro cameras focus on taking a good photo in low-light rather than just increasing up the brightness like most budget phones. I like how the night mode photos are slightly more detailed and brighter so yeah it's a good feature to have especially on a budget smartphone.

Moving on to videos that Redmi note 7 pro can shoot videos up to 4k at 30fps and will I've been pretty impressed with its video capabilities. Since there's no OIS but I like the quality everything looks crisp well focused and detailed so yeah it's good. Plus if you want more stability you can always shoot in 1080p.

The Redmi Note 7 pro features a 13-megapixel camera here and it's decent I mean in good lighting the note 7 pro selfies are pretty good with good details but move to low light and you get selfies that look soft and not so impressive.

Apart from that, the note 7 pro takes some great photos and great videos which for me makes it the best camera phone in its pricing.

Another highlight of the Redmi note 7 pro is the performance the note 7 pro packs in the new Snapdragon 675 processor which is a processor used by the likes of the VIVO V15 pro another high-end phone see I'm generally skeptical about a budget phones performance in day-to-day usage but this is a phone I'd happily use as a daily driver.

Now day-to-day tasks are a breeze no issues whatsoever yes there is the occasional stutter when you have a lot of apps open in the background. I only faced this when I had PUBG Mobile in the background. Apart from that, the phone handles heavy-duty games with a lot of ease. PUBG mobile runs on high graphics settings but default which is not something you see in a budget smartphone and while it's definitely playable on high there were a few - stutters which don't really ruin the experience but if you want flawless performance on PUBG mobile you should switch to medium graphics settings. I also played asphalt 9 on the phone and runs like a champ with no issues here. So like I said the performance on the Redmi note 7 pro is great.

The Redmi note 7 pro has the usual 4000 mAh battery. Now I'm saying it’s usually because of the Redmi note standards but 4000 mah is still pretty good if you think about it. And in my usual usage, the phone lasted me well over a day. I would start the day at 100% and by the end of the day, the phone would be around 30% or 35% in medium usage. When it comes to charging the Redmi note 7 pro comes with a 10-watt charger which I think is a letdown

I mean Xiaomi finally moved to USB C and quick charge 4.0 and they're still giving us the 10-watt charger. Anyway, the 10-watt charger takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to charge the note 7 Pro from 10% to 100%.

Apart from all that there are a lot of common questions that you guys have around the Redmi note 7 pro. So let me just answer them first off there's a lot of confusion around the widevine L1 license in the note 7 pro. Now Note 7 Pro does have the widevine L1 element license which technically means it should be able to play HD videos on apps like Netflix and prime video but weirdly it does not. Yes, HD playback is not supported in these apps on the note 7 pro but this is something Xiaomi can fix with an update.

Ok, so it's time to conclude things now. So should you buy the Redmi note 7 pro? Well, the short answer is YES! This is a budget phone that's definitely the new budget smartphone king in the mid-range smartphone market.

Well, that was our review of the Redmi note 7 pro and I hope we have answered all of your questions around this new exciting budget smartphone but if you still have any questions this comment below and we'll make sure to reply you. Till that time follow GadgetFrame for more daily updates on Tech Industry.

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