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Xiaomi Concept Smartphone with Quad-Curved waterfall display

Sujan Koirala 6 Feb, 2021

Every day, there is something new coming to smartphones. Manufacturers are bringing innovations in smartphones every year. From notch-less display to port-less smartphones, under-display camera to wireless charging, we have witnessed so many innovations in smartphones. The latest one to join the list is Xiaomi as the company has shown off the Quad Curved waterfall display in its new concept smartphone.

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Quad-curved waterfall display Concept Smartphone

After Mi Mix Alpha, this is the new concept smartphone by the Company Xiaomi to have a wraparound display. The highlights of this smartphone are

  1. It has an 88-degree curvature on all four sides
  2. Completely portless design without any buttons
  3. The third-gen under-display camera tech
  4. Wireless charging, pressure-sensitive touch sensors, and eSIM support

Earlier, we had seen the curved display smartphone just on the left and right of the display but this new concept smartphone from Xiaomi has a wraparound display on all sides. To be precise, it has an 88-degree curvature on all four sides. As a result of this, there is no frame, notch, or bezels in this smartphone.

Secondly, there is no port or buttons in this smartphone. Most of its requirements are done wirelessly or via pressure-sensitive touch sensors. For SIM Port, this device will use eSIM as its gaining popularity in recent times. 

It’s almost sure that this phone won’t hit the market for commercial purposes. But, for tryouts and review, the company may bring a couple of units. 

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