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Vivo APEX 2020 Releasing Soon | Next-Generation Smartphone?

Susan Jyakhwo 28 Feb, 2020

In an MWC event in Barcelona, Vivo was planning to release its latest smartphone Vivo APEX 2020, but fear of Corona Virus spread canceled the event. Nonetheless, Vivo is going to release this device sooner in the global market. The concept and design of Vivo APEX are extra-ordinary and seem different than others. So let's find out more about it.

 vivo APEX 2020

Overview of Vivo APEX 2020

Vivo APEX 2020 has an innovative design with an edge to edge 120-degree waterfall display. It got a seamless body without any opening. Instead of using buttons Vivo implemented pressure-sensing capacitive buttons to control both volume and power buttons. 


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Display Design and Camera

It has a 6.45-inch FHD+(1080X2330 pixels) panel at the front. The edge to edge display looks gorgeous and the hides 16MP in-display selfie camera underneath it. The front camera uses four to one pixel binning technology to capture 4MP shots. The glass covering above the camera is a six-time lighter transmittant compare to the rest of the panel for better photography.

vivo APEX 2020

The rear camera is different than we have seen in other smartphones. There is a total of two camera sensors in the circular camera housing. The primary 48MP camera uses a gimbal-like stabilization mechanism, which Vivo claims have a 200% extended angle of stabilizing compare to traditional OIS technology. Here also four in one binning technology provides an image of 12MP resolution. Additionally, there is a 16 MP periscope camera with optical zoom from 5x to 7.5x without digitally magnifying. There are two moving lenses within the periscope lens to control optical zoom activity that are meticulously prepared by Vivo, especially for the Vivo APEX 2020 model. 

 vivo APEX 2020

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Battery and Other Features

Keep in mind that there are no ports in Vivo APEX 2020, not for charging the device too. Since there is no port for charging Vivo APEX 2020 uses wireless charging technology to refill the battery. The super-fast wireless charging technology of Vivo allows APEX 2020  to have 60W fast charging. In just 20 minutes of charging time, it can charge up to 2000mAh battery. The battery size will be bigger than 4000mAh but has not been announced yet. Users have to use pressure-sensitive buttons to control the device. Not only that, Vivo APEX 2020 uses third generation Screen Sound Casting technology and there are no traditional loudspeakers.

 vivo APEX 2020

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Vivo APEX 2020 is made differently than other smartphone and the concept it uses highlights the possibility of technological advancement on a smartphone. Even though it's hard and expensive to manufacture a device as this Vivo has done it. This phone might soon be available in the global market but Vivo might release the limited amount of device in the Market. This is a smartphone of the future and sooner we will see faster wireless charging technology but it might take a couple of years to make a better under-display camera. So what are your thoughts about this device? Are you excited to buy one?

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