Best Android Apps of 2019 in Nepal [2019 October Update]

Sanjeeb Adhikari 23 Oct, 2019

All the advancement in technology has been made to make the work of humans easier, faster and efficient. All modern technologies are the result of rapid development in every sector. Like this, we the human have made a small electric circuit alive by developing software to operate it, and that device is one of the most necessary items for today's people, named a smartphone. Of course, it is enough smart to call it a smartphone as we can use it to call, text, buy or sell goods, reserve a ticket, order food, play games and music, and many other works. All these works are possible due to a small software called apps (applications).

Apps are small software which is made to perform a certain task. Some of them are informative and some are for entertainment purposes and for other fields too. If we search then we can found millions of apps made for a different purpose. Some are made for communication and some made for utility and protection and some for entertainment and as well as for official works too. in the context of Nepal, the most used apps are Facebook, Instagram, tik-tok, PUBG, Daraz and many more.

Some of the popular random Nepali Apps that are available on most of the user's phones are :


1. e-Sewa

[Size: 28.45MB, Downloads: 1 million+, Company: e-sewa]

esewa UI 1 esewa UI 2 esewa UI 3


It is an e-payment system that allows you to pay your bills, top-up recharge, booking a ticket, transfer money and many more. You shouldn't wait for an hour to pay bills of electricity or drinking water as well as cable and internet as e-Sewa provides you a service of paying bills from home. Not only that if are planning for traveling somewhere then you can easily buy a ticket of planes and bus with few taps on your phone. Also, this app provides you services like buying a movie ticket, booking hotels, EMI, insurance, etc.

2.  Khalti

[Size: 14.85 MB ; Downloads 100k+, Company: Sparrow Pay Pvt. Ltd.]


Khalti is an e-payment system or a digital wallet similar to the e-Sewa which provides you a service like bills payment, booking a ticket for movies and bus, booking a hotel. It has also provided a ride-sharing payment with a partnership with Pathao and Tootle. It has made easier for a user to pay for anything without using cash. Also, people can pay for their regular glossary shop at any store using khalti.


3.  Hamro Patro

 [Size: 36.94 MB, Downloads: 5 million+, Company: Hamro Patro]


It is a mobile calendar which is one of the most downloaded Nepali apps that provides dates, time, horoscope, online radio, blog/literature. This app also includes features like astrological details, foreign exchange, converter, trending news, and videos. Due to the astrological things like kundali, sahit and tithi this app have become more popular among Nepali as they can see these things in their own mobile at any instant.

4. Hamro Dictionary

[Size: 9.79 MB, Downloads: 1 million+, Company: Hamro patro]


Sometimes, while learning English or doing any task you may not understand some meaning of the English word as well as the Nepali word. At that moment you might need this app, which translates English into Nepali as well as Nepali into English. Also, this app has provided you both online as well as offline dictionary services. There are some limited meanings in offline but those are also not the least.

5. Mero Spark

[Size: 20 MB (HSEB) / 7.2 MB, Downloads: 100k+, Company: Basement technologies(HSEB), UNOVA Soft]


It is an educational app that contains the educational content of different levels. You would get two apps named mero spark and mero spark HSEB on play store. But talking about the content of these apps both will provide you a similar type of notes with minor differences. Mero spark HSEB has provided study tips, quotes and other things as more. Mainly these apps provide the notes of English for +2 and also include Business English.


6. Prabhu TV

[Size: 10.56 MB, Downloads: 5k+, Company: New IT Venture Corporation]


Prabhu TV was the new form of Net TV after collaboration with the Prabhu company. This app provides you a live stream of TV channels, TV shows, new movies as well as it provides the latest news too. This apps allows you to watch some channels for free whereas some of the popular channels should pay up to Nrs 15 each. We can watch many TV channels and films using this app anywhere on an internet connection.


[Size:7.2 MB, Downloads 100k+, Company: WOW TIME]

Supported by Nepal's giant mobile network provider Nepal Telecom, this app allows you to watch many Nepali as well as international channels on your mobile for free. This app enables us to watch TV channels everywhere with an internet connection. It is quite similar to Prabhu TV as both provide online streaming service.

7. Fopi

[Size: 8.6 MB, Downloads: 100k+, Company: Aaviskar Technology Pvt. Ltd.]


It is one of the growing media apps in Nepal. This app is similar to popular apps like Netflix, i-flix, etc. You can get new Nepali movies, series, music, and videos in this app. It provides only Nepali movies and videos and also enables them to download. Some of the movies that are not released on youtube also can watch from this app. It provides different streaming services including FOPI Hotspots, FOPI Shop, FOPI TV and FOPI online.


8. Pathao

[Size: 37.71 MB, Downloads: 1 million+, Company: pathao]


If you think it is hard to travel by bus in this crowd valley then the Pathao is providing you a two-wheeler ride since 2015. It is a safe bike ride-sharing app with a GPS tracking system (i.e every ride is tracked from its main office to confirm that if the customer is at their way or not). It charges almost Rs 20 per km and also includes Rs 30 additional. The similar another ride-sharing app is Tootle

9. Hamro Keyboard

[Size: 7.13 MB, Downloads: 5 millions+, Company: Hamro Patro]


It is a sister app of a Hamro Patro. It is widely used to convert the English text into Nepali as well as for Nepali typing. This app allows you to type the English letter and convert them to its Nepali letter and also provide an auto-correction service. If Nepali typing is hard for you then this app will be your solution to that. We can get different types of Nepali stickers and emoji using this app.

10. Daraz

[Size: 38MB, Downloads: 10 millions+, Company: Daraz]


Advancement in technology makes our life that much easier as we can buy any kinds of products within a few taps by sitting in the room. Daraz is providing you the same kind of service. You can buy any kinds of products like wears, gadgets, accessories, and many more. after your few taps, the item will be delivered at your home within a certain period of time. Due to its best services, it has been listed in the first position in Nepal.

Also, the mini-games like the Marriage card game, Call Break, Baghchal, Ludo, and many other apps like Bulk SMS Nepal, Ncell app, Nepal Driving, Loksewa Nepal License and media apps like e-Kantipur and Online Khabar are also popular among the user.

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