[Top 7] Best Tools that Helps While Working From Home

Sujan Koirala 26 Mar, 2020

#stayhome and #staysafe are the new trendings hashtag appearing due to lockdown caused by Corona Virus Outbreak. As the movement of people is mostly lockdown in Nepal, India, China, and many European countries, most of the companies are instructing their employees to work from home and support all company as well as customers. Though it’s not easy to work from home for all the companies, its the only way to maintain Social Distance and fight against Covid-19. Here, we list our top 7 tools and services that can be helpful to work from home and stay in touch with other employees as well as customers.

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7 Best Tools & Services To Work From Home

  1. Team Viewer/ AnyDesk: If you are working from home or remotely, we need this Team Viewer or Anydesk to get access to other device access. If any employee stuck in any problem or your customers, you can ask for access to their devices and fix the problem from your devices. These apps allow you to control the remote device, file sharing, chat system, voice chat, and many others.
  2. Trello/ Lark/ Microsoft Team: If your company is big and needs to keep track of all the works done by different staff, then you will need these apps for team collaboration. These apps offer features like assigning tasks to other staff, create to-do lists, move it to do and finally done. Also, project management tools also provide features like uploading files, sharing links, comments and many more.work-from-home-trello
  3. Slack/ Zoom/ Skype: Now, you also need to have continuous communication with co-workers while doing work remotely. Skype is basically useful for all the normal users for chat, file sharing, and video call while Zoom is very useful for group video calls and webinars. But, Slack could be useful for more professional people to interact with other staff. Slack is richer in features for sharing files, programming codes, and easy to integrate third-party apps like calendar, zoom for video calls, create project management within the app and so on.work-from-home-slack
  4. Google Docs: Now, this app can be very helpful while writing documents. This app allows you to write documents online, share the files to other people and most importantly, multiple users can work or write in a document at the same time. It can be termed as an online form of Microsoft Word. You can download the documents in any form and share it with others. Uploading files, images, tables anything is possible here.work-from-home-tools-google-docs
  5. Git [ Github, Gitlab, BitBuckets]: If you are a programmer/developer and write codes, then these apps could be useful to store codes in the online repository. You can upload the codes to this repository, share it with other developers and keep on uploading and updating the codes. With the help of Docker, you can maintain Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment of your codes to the live server with the help of these tools.work-from-home-tools-git
  6. Fiverr: With the uncertainty of the lockdown period and if you got no work while staying at home, then this Fiverr service could be very useful for doing works and earn money. You can join the Fiverr community and look for the works that you got skills. You can sell your works over there and earn money during this period. This system can be very useful for programmers, graphic designers, content writers, translator and many more.work-from-home-tools-fiverr
  7. Udemy/ edX/ Coursera/ Lynda: Well, these are not the tools that could help you in your ongoing work from home time, but if you have free time during this lockdown, then these platforms can be very useful to learn new skills or improve existing skills. These platforms offer a wide variety of courses that fits for your interest. Over these platforms, you could find free online courses, as well as some, are paid courses. Yes, Youtube is also there for learning various courses but if youtube is not enough then these can be the next options.work-from-home-tools-udemy

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So, we have compiled these tools and services that can be helpful for you while you are staying at home or work from home during this Corona Virus Outbreak. All these tools are available on the internet and you can use any of them as per your requirements to support your workflow. Talking about Nepal, we are also in the Lockdown period and don’t know till when this lockdown period will go further. If you are still supporting your company with working from home, these tools can be very useful for you. 

Example: I had been working as a Content Writer in this Company, GadgetFrame for a long time and recently, became a victim of Lockdown in Nepal. But to continue my work, I have been working from home since last Sunday. I look at the “to-do list” in trello and move to “Done” when I complete my content, write content in Google Docs, communicate with other staff in Slack and do video calls on Skype if needed. 

So, maintain social distance, #stayhome, and #staysafe during this outbreak and work from home to continue your work and keep providing what customers/users whats from your company.


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