TikTok Hit 1.5 Billion Downloads: Third Most Downloaded App

Susan Jyakhwo 19 Nov, 2019

A new report had highlighted that TikTok had managed to have more than 1.5 billion downloads globally making it top 3 among most downloaded applications. WhatsApp and Messenger are the two apps that managed to stay on top of the download list above TikTok but it surpassed Facebook and Instagram. The data had been released by Analytics Site Sensor Tower, claiming that users had downloaded TikTok application 1.5 billion times from Play Store and App Store. Last February it hit 1 billion downloads and the number of users had been drastically increasing, which also increased download by more than 6% comparing the result with last year’s data. 


The rise in popularity of Tik Tok possesses a threat to facebook, especially due to the craze of youngsters to use TikTok profoundly than the Facebook app. TikTok has launched three years ago, and not much time had been passed but the global download had shown that more than 50 million copies of apps had been downloading per month, which is increasing.

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The drastic increase in users of Tik Tok comes from users of India, This year one-third of total downloads were carried out by Indian users. Similarly, Chinese users covered 11.5% of downloads making the US users third managing 8.2% of downloads. In the last 7 months, the user downloads growth by 500 million.


Users Distribution

From the census, The total user both on Android and iOS counts more than 1 billion users globally, among which around 466.8 million users are from India, making it the top nation with the highest users. Moreover, around 173.2 million Chinese users and 123.8 million US citizens are using the Tik Tok app. 

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Not just the users has increased, but also the number of in-app purchase has drastically increased. Total of $115.3 million (Rs. 13.23 Arba ), around 50% had been spent by Chinese users (estimated $84.5 million) in Tik Tok in-app spending in 2019. Similarly, $62.4 million in-app spending occurred from US users. 



In fact, Tik Tok is the only top 5 app that is not owned by Facebook. The report of BuzzFeed had stated that Mark Zuckerberg spent six months of 2016 trying to buy Musical.ly, which eventually turned into Tik Tok. Just by knowing the download rate and a number of users in an application we can not accurately know the exact active users. But it seem like TikTok has a similar or higher number of users than Instagram. To attract the users more toward app owned by Facebook, they introduced the Lasso app in places like Mexico where users are not familiar with TikTok. Additionally, they also placed a separate “video on watch” tab in facebook to pull users of YouTube and TikTok. 

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Do you use TikTok? What do you like and dislike about it? Let us know in a comment below. 

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