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  • “Internet Chha Kamaal Speed Super Babaal” | Subisu Announces 150Mbps Internet

“Internet Chha Kamaal Speed Super Babaal” | Subisu Announces 150Mbps Internet

Sujan Koirala 18 Jul, 2021

If we recall, Jio in India has brought a revolution in the internet sector of India. Jio brought the fastest internet at the lowest possible price because of which other ISPs were forced to drop the price. The same scenario is happening in Nepal as well as CG Net has announced 120Mbps internet at the lowest price.

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“Internet Chha Kamaal Speed Super Babaal”

To compete with CG Net, Subisu announces whopping 150Mbps internet in Nepal. So, this is the fastest internet speed in Nepal as of now for residential use. With 150Mbps, it comes with a Clear TV package which will be available for 4 TVs.

Subisu 150Mbps Plan & Pricing

Subisu 150Mbps Plan

6 Months 

12 Months

5GHz ONU Device

Rs. 1327


1 Set TOP Box

Rs.  2,212

Rs. 1,769

Recurring charge

Rs. 13,540

Rs. 26,549


Rs. 17,079

Rs. 28,318


4 Clear TVs FREE

4 Clear TVs FREE


All the prices mentioned above are exclusive of 13% VAT.

Contact For Connection

Sadly, this 150Mbps internet of Subisu is available within Kathmandu valley only for now. Later, it might be extended to all over the country. For inquiry, you can contact Subisu with:

  1. Phone: 01-4235888, 9801-235888
  2. Email: consumer.sales@subisu.net.np
  3. Website: https://subisu.net.np/special-offers

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