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Smartphones: A Boon for the Tech-World

GadgetFrame 1 Nov, 2018

Even today, people are still in a dilemma that the invention of one of their greatest communication medium i.e (Smart Phones) have filled their lives with bright and warm blissfulness rays or has it become the dark clouds that block the rays. Debates about either smartphone are boon or sin is rolling out since generations. So, through my own experience and researches what I unraveled is that smartphone is a double-edged sword.

It can be one of the greatest weapons in the one’s hand, who knows how & when to wield it, or it can be the weapon which can cut its own wielder. The point is human to have made possible to grasp the whole world in their pam with the help of smartphones. Communicating from one end to another is simply like a blood-line inheritance of phones. Then what’s more to a smartphone? …… Well it’s just how far your imagination can take you, name it and it's in there in your hand in your own smartphone: gaming, internet surfing, video calling, running powerful editing & designing tools and many more.


Today when I go to some mesmerizing places and capture those beauties with my smartphone, I get struck by a flashback, where I can remember when I was a child and if I had to travel and capture those scenarios, I had to take my father’s digital camera separately. Those moments are still fresh in my mind when every morning I used to have a radio in the table and tea in my hand waiting for news and music to be played but now, it’s all in my smartphone, whenever I want. And if I had to see my brother who is at America, I had to go to the cyber sit in front webcam, in order to video chat but today I can just video chat with him lying in the bed through my smartphone. Back then our only medium to study use to be books and copies but smartphones are slowly replacing them. Even schools and colleges have accepted the use of smartphones in the education sectors. Due to access to internet and powerful processors playing any mobile games is just click away. In a nutshell, a smartphone is making our lives portable by shrinking all our digital tools in one tool. This is one side of the coin.

Smartphones today have become a trend, that even old generation must follow or use and addiction or obsession for the present generation. As far as I can recall, I was in 11th standard when I got my first smartphone and those words by my brother “Now that you have got your own smartphone and I have initialized all the necessary things, don’t use it until I say how to use it and what to use it, till then just receive the calls or make a calls and keep it in a safe place” still echo in my ears as if yesterday when I see little kids who are not even enrolled in school yet grabbing  their parents smartphone opening it connecting Wi-Fi and watching cartoons on YouTube all by themselves like a Pro. And a thinking gets strikes in my head " Was I unlucky not to know technology when I was a kid or was I a lucky enough enjoying the real-kid moments? Though my perspective explains smartphones has now described itself as a boon as well as a curse. 

Overall, we cannot deny the fact that smartphones have made our life way easier than it was. Features like Connectivity, GPS tracker, efficiency, do anything and many more on the way. Hence, a smartphone has become a part of a life and made everything to have in our hand.

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