Smartphone with 9 Camera is Coming Soon

GadgetFrame 4 Jul, 2018

You are now familiar with dual rear cameras on the smartphones. Even you have seen the triple camera in one of the most successful smartphones of 2018,  Huawei P20 Pro. The talk is not about dual or triple camera smartphone, a smartphone with 9 cameras at the back is hitting the market soon. 

The camera manufacturer company Light which is based in the USA is reportedly working on a prototype phone which has nine rear cameras. According to the source, the company will release the nine camera smartphone later this year. 

The company has already produced the L16 camera, a multi-aperture camera, at CES 2018. The L16 had 16 different camera lens of a single camera body with works in harmony to produce quality images. The camera is capable of capturing images with 52- MP resolution but the design of the camera is quite different than the normal cameras we see in our daily life. 

Light L16

Why so many cameras?

The company that has already manufactured a camera which has 16-lens  -- Light L16 camera. Although the use of many lenses does not seem to be appropriate, the camera is able to capture multiple pictures simultaneously at different depths and focal lengths. The L16 camera then uses an algorithm for combining all those captured images into one high-resolution image. 

Light's nine camera phone may take the advantage of this tech and put it on a smartphone. The report says the prototype is able to capture 64-megapixel pics with low-light capabilities and special depth effects. The phone camera will have many features, such as portrait modes, 5x optical zoom, etc. which is inherited from the L16 camera. 

The price of Light L16 is $1950 and we can't expect that nine camera phone will ship at a cheaper rate. We can expect that the Light's 9-camera phone may come will a hefty price tag when it releases in the market.  The Android-powered smartphone will be available later this year and we will let you know the price of a camera, sorry phone at the time of release. 


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