Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone: Hints to launch at an Event on Feb 20

GadgetFrame 5 Feb, 2019

Every year there is one particular product that stuns the whole world with how innovative and magical it is. Samsung, the South Korean multinational electronics company, is bringing something cooler. It is ready to release its very first foldable smartphone. Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone: Hints to launch at an Event on Feb 20. Samsung recently dropped a video in own YouTube channel with the title of Samsung Galaxy: The Future, showing some hints for the promotion of Foldable phone.

It is for sure going to be the biggest thing in 2019. It’s a game changer in the field of the smartphone. The video dropped by Samsung shows off different product concepts but the most relevant product is its foldable phone. In the video, we can clearly see a foldable smartphone, though we cannot guarantee that it’s the final design of the device as marketing videos tend to touch up the product. But still, we can expect it to be pretty close.

In the teaser, the device we see has a foldable display inside & a cover display outside. The company has confirmed that the release model’s front screen will only be a small part of the display. The gadget demonstrates the potential convenience of the collapsing display. As of now, we don’t have much about the foldable smartphone but we have some of its specifications.

Suzanne de Silva, Samsung’s director of product strategy and marketing, said “The folding smartphone will use the Infinity Flex display”, one of the display concepts that Samsung revealed at its recent developer's conference. It will make the folding smartphone possible which took almost seven years to develop. It is designed to be folded and unfolded repeatedly without degrading the display quality.

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As rumored, the Samsung foldable smartphone is said to have a large screen size of a 7.3-inch display. It can be folded and changed into a small tablet. We have heard that the phone will have a screen aspect ratio of 4:2:3 with the resolution of 1536 * 2152 pixel. The phone is supposed to be featuring either 512 GB or 1TB storage along with 12GB of RAM. It will probably have EXYNOS 9820 or Qualcomm 855 processor. As the phone has a large screen it must have large batteries to power them up. It's possible they will use two batteries in the device, each of them with the capacity of 2190mAh, for a total of 4280mAh.

These are just the assumptions of the Samsung foldable smartphone as what would it be like. There is no official news of it what it is going to be. But we can assure you all that it is going to be worth the wait. Samsung is not alone working on a foldable smartphone as other big companies like OPPO, HUAWEI, Xiaomi are also working on it. So it will face tough competition. Will they be able to knock out their competition? Let’s wait & see.

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