Samsung One UI Review: One Hand Usage, Dark Mode, Gesture Navigation and many more

GadgetFrame 13 Feb, 2019

“One UI helps you focus on what really matters to you. With hardware and software working together in harmony, see only what you need, using and viewing your phone with an experience that feels second nature. Because it’s the small details that make a big difference.”, according to Samsung Official Website.

Samsung released its new User Interface as One UI on December 24, 2018. According to Samsung, only the flagship phones are getting the new UI updates as Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, Galaxy  S9+, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy  S8 and Galaxy  S8+. And peoples are loving the new UI and pretty Happy with the cool new stuff.

Let's talk about some Cool features that new One UI exhibits:

One Hand Usage


With tall flagship phones of Samsung, one always need both hands to use the phone properly and completely. Now, what relief is there with One UI is one hand is pretty enough to use the phone all. There are tall viewing area and interactive area at the below half of the screen. You can now bring down the notification panel to the below half of the screen and interact with it.

Dark Mode

With One UI, Dark Theme or Dark Mode comes to the Samsung Galaxy’s Flagship Smartphones. Dark mode is not totally a new concept in the smartphones but having it on Samsung UI is new for users. Dark Mode seems beautiful with those Flagship phones while viewing at night. It's totally clear to view, works for all Samsung Applications.

Gestures Navigation

One UI brings some changes in the navigation gestures which many peoples are liking and many are not. Under navigation options, you are going to have Navigation buttons or Full-screen gestures. Navigations buttons work as the normal navigations buttons we are using nowadays. Full-screen gestures are some different to other Android phones and somehow similar concept to the iPhone X where physical buttons are ditched and all the navigations are done through gestures.

While using full-screen gestures, you can swipe up from center to go home, swipe up from right to go back and swipe up from left to open recent screen.

Recycle Bin in Gallery 

Once you install One UI in your phone and going to delete an image from the gallery, one alert will appear there asking to delete or have it on recycle bin. One you enable recycle bin features in Gallery, your deleted photos will remain for 15 days there.

Lift to Wake 

Earlier what we are used to doing is pick up the phone, press the button to wake the phone and then unlock it. But with One UI, one step is eliminated. Means while you lift the phone, it will automatically wake the phone and you just need to unlock it. If you are using face unlock features then it is much easier than. Just lift the phone to your face and now the phone is ready to use. Cool!

Reset Settings at Mid Night 

Seems simple concept but may work great. What this features facilitates is whatever brightness, screen timer, media volume is set at day time can be all reset at midnight. You can enable/disable this feature as per your need.

Last Mode in Camera 

While using a camera, you may have changed some settings or some filter effects and more. And now what new UI offers is you can save all the changes and use the same every time you use the camera or you can reset those changes and start with defaults.

New Keyboard

The new keyboard in Samsung allows you to change the theme of the background. It allows you to float the keyboard anywhere in the screen.

There are many other minor changes that one can feel when they use it. Are you using the new One UI in Samsung, please comment down below and share your experience?

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