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  • Samsung Provides an Uninterrupted Network and Is Ready to Launch 5G Technology in Nepal

Samsung Provides an Uninterrupted Network and Is Ready to Launch 5G Technology in Nepal

Reejan Kushma 8 Sep, 2023

Staying connected is more important than ever in the quick-paced world of technology. The essential component of modern civilization is a smooth, uninterrupted network, whether for use in business, entertainment or just keeping in touch with loved ones. Recognizing the necessity for constant innovation, Samsung is prepared to completely transform Nepal's connectivity landscape with the approaching arrival of 5G technology.

Samsung has always been at the forefront of innovation as a pioneer in technology. The business has a long history of exceeding expectations and continuously delivering cutting-edge goods and services. With their accessible range of devices built with 5G networking capabilities or just bringing the world closer to their connected ecosystem, Samsung has always brought their A-game into the Nepali market.

In Nepal, NTC and Ncell, the two largest telecom providers, use several bands and frequencies. Samsung currently supports all main bands used in Nepal, including Band 8 (900 MHz) for 2G, Band 1 (2100 MHz) for 3G, and Band 3 (1800 MHz) for 4G by the country's major telecom operators. Band 20 (800 MHz) was made available by Nepal Telecom to accommodate its LTE/4G network during the VoLTE expansion. Samsung is the first mobile company to offer Band 20 support in Nepal starting in 2020 after testing and implementing this service in their handsets.

Samsung supports all the bands and frequencies from the two major telecom operators in Nepal, NTC, and Ncell as below:





Band 8 (900 MHz)

Band 8 (900 MHz)


Band 1 (2100 MHz)

Band 1 (2100 MHz)


Band 3 (1800MHz)

Band 3 (1800 MHz)


-   -

Band 20 (800 MHz)

Faster internet is not the only goal of Samsung's launch of 5G technology in Nepal. It promotes innovation and economic progress, and it's an investment in the future of the nation. Samsung is enabling businesses to grow internationally and bettering the lives of Nepalese individuals by bringing the world closer to Nepal through seamless connection. With the commercialization of this technology by all of the Network Operators in Nepal, customers will finally be able to experience better internet speed on their 5G-ready devices. Telecom providers in Nepal are also working to deploy a 5G network. They have been launching 5 G-ready smartphones at different price ranges since 2021 and have continuously been working with both these telecom operators to bring 5G technology into the country. The Samsung Galaxy M14 5G, Samsung Galaxy A34, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are some examples of Samsung mobile phones with 5G networks. Samsung has recently stated that it is ready with a full-fledged line-up of the 5G ready devices to be launched and is awaiting for Network Operators to launch the 5G network in order for these devices to be able to activate 5G.

In a world that never stops moving, Samsung is dedicated to keeping Nepal connected. With the impending launch of 5G technology, the company is set to revolutionize the way we live, work, and communicate. Get ready to experience uninterrupted connectivity like never before, as Samsung paves the way for a brighter, more connected future in Nepal. Stay tuned for the 5G revolution – it's coming soon, and it's brought to you by Samsung.


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