Samsung Galaxy Buds | Specs, Features, Price and Availability in Nepal

Susan Jyakhwo 6 Feb, 2020

Wireless earphones are the latest trend araising among teenagers. And Samsung Galaxy Buds are one of the best wireless earphones available in the market. Lately, Apple has released AirPods, Xiaomi has Released AirDots, Realme has its own BudsAir and OnePlus has a Bullet Wireless. So among these large numbers of wireless earphones where does, Galaxy Buds resides? Let's find out more about Galaxy Buds.

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Overview of Galaxy Buds

Even though wireless headphones are the latest trend in the market and the popularity is increasing, they are not perfect. In the market, Galaxy Buds are Samsung's first attempt at wireless earphones. As Samsung has lately removed 3.5mm headphone jack, the galaxy bud had been added to the Samsung family. The galaxy buds are available to be purchased at $129 and In Nepal, you can order Galaxy Buds from Daraz Nepal at Rs. 15,500.


The first glace at galaxy buds will attract you toward it due to its attractive look. The beautiful design, slick and all-white outlook are elegant to look at. The bud themself look sleek and compact with subtle rubber wingtips for a better fit in-ear. You can choose the ear tips and wingtips size in the pack. There are three sizes: small, medium and large wingtips and ear tips are provided by Samsung in the box to provide you a better-fit Galaxy Buds. Galaxy Buds are comfortable to use and fit nicely without falling form ear.    

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Hardware and Control

The galaxy bud comes in a nice case that supports wired or wireless charging. The case has its own battery so that when Galaxy Buds are placed in case it automatically starts charging. There are no buttons on Galaxy buds but it supports touch controls. the control allows users to change music playback, take calls, launch Samsung's voice assistant, etc. Users can also customize the action of single touch, double touch, and hold activity. 

Outside the case, there is a LED indicator to inform about charging status and level of the battery. The galaxy buds have six hours of playback time which can be sustained by increasing the playback time by seven more hours using a charging case. One of the great features of Galaxy Bud's case is that it supports wireless charging. If you have a wireless charging pad or smartphone which supports reverse wireless charging, you can transfer charge without using cables. 

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Features and Connectivity

Galaxy buds work seamlessly with Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy S10e, but users can connect it with other smartphones too. The Galaxy Buds can provide better sound quality. There are dual microphones for better surrounding noise cancellation during a call. As Galaxy Buds got Bluetooth V5.0, it will support all smartphone that has Bluetooth and the connection can transmit better signal too. 

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Price and Availability of Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds can be purchased in Nepal. You can order Galaxy Buds from Daraz Nepal. The price of Galaxy Buds in Nepal is Rs. 15,500 and in the international market you can buy Galaxy Buds at $129. Compare to Apple’s AirPods, they are priced reasonably with the better build quality and features but still, we think the pricing is high majorly for Nepalese consumers. So what do you think about Galaxy Buds? Let us know in a comment below.

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