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A New Era of Galaxy AI is Coming

Reejan Kushma 30 Nov, 2023

Samsung Galaxy is introducing a revolutionary new wave of Galaxy AI, a revolutionary technology that integrates artificial intelligence into everyday life. This universal intelligence promises a mobile experience like never before, empowering individuals globally. By combining on-device AI developed by Samsung with cloud-based AI through collaborative partnerships with industry leaders, Galaxy AI unlocks unprecedented possibilities in barrier-free communication, streamlined productivity, and limitless creativity. All of this is achieved while upholding the stringent security and privacy standards that Galaxy users trust.

One remarkable feature of Galaxy AI is the AI Live Translate Call, which will be introduced on the latest Galaxy AI phones. This feature acts as a personal translator seamlessly integrated into native call functions, eliminating the need for third-party apps. Real-time audio and text translations occur, making multilingual conversations as effortless as turning on closed captions while streaming content. Users can rest assured that private conversations remain securely confined within their phones.

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Attributed to debut early next year, Galaxy AI promises to dismantle common barriers to social connection, fostering enhanced communication and productivity. Samsung's EVP and Head of R&D, Mobile Experience Business, Wonjoon Choi, believes that Galaxy AI will change how we think about our phones forever. Galaxy AI promises breakthrough experiences that redefine real connections and introduce new possibilities right from your mobile device.

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