Samsung Galaxy A Series for 2020 Leaked | Huge Boost Over Camera Coming Up

Sujan Koirala 18 Aug, 2019

Samsung Galaxy A-Series is a big hit this year, no doubt about that. If you are wondering why there is no J-Series in the market, Well, they have been replaced by A-Series this year. Samsung Galaxy A-Series come with beautiful design, powerful specs, and aggressive pricing. We have a total of 9 devices this year from Samsung in A-series: Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20, Galaxy A30, Galaxy A40, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A60, Galaxy A70, Galaxy A80, and Galaxy A90.

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As per the leaks, next-gen Galaxy A-Series could be named as Galaxy A21, Galaxy A31, Galaxy A41, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A61, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A81, and Galaxy A91. In the case of Galaxy A10, we are getting Samsung Galaxy A10s which Samsung has already announced.

Samsung has already announced the Samsung Galaxy A10s with Dual-Camera. So, according to this leak, Samsung Galaxy A21, Galaxy 31 and Galaxy 41 will house triple camera setup with main sensor ranging from 13MP-24MP respectively. They'll feature 8MP wide-angle and 5MP Depth Sensor

All the remaining 5 A-Series devices will have Quad-Camera. The most interesting to watch out will be Galaxy A81 and Galaxy A91 as they'll be featuring 64MP and 108MP camera sensor for the first time in Samsung device. We know Samsung announced 108MP Camera Sensor in collab with Xiaomi just a few days ago. 

Though these specs seem logical but not sure they are true or not. So, we'll keep calm till the next official news break out.

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