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Samsung Unveiled its Latest 2023 C-Series TVs in Nepal

Reejan Kushma 6 Nov, 2023

Samsung launches the 2023 TVs in Nepal | A Connected Experience at its Finest

Samsung, the global leader in television technology for 17 years, has just unveiled its latest 2023 C-Series TVs in Nepal for the Dashain-Tihaar Festive Season. These TVs are available in sizes ranging from 43" to 85". The new 2023 Crystal UHD and QLED TVs have impressive features, including Samsung's renowned Knox Security, built-in AI Voice Assistant (Bixby), SmartThings access, and a Video Calling feature with the SlimFit Cam. These TVs also incorporate an IoT Hub with Calm Onboarding and IoT Light Sensors for Automatic Brightness adjustments. 

Moreover, the C-Series TVs are environmentally conscious, utilizing recycled materials in their construction, solar cell remotes, and AI Energy Saving. These features provide users with a connected and eco-friendly living experience. Additionally, Samsung offers a generous 3-year warranty for these 2023 TVs until December 31, 2023. Alok Kumar Gupta, General Manager of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Nepal, emphasized that the 2023 TVs aim to offer an enhanced viewing experience, catering to the evolving needs of Nepali consumers. 

With HDR technology, the new TVs provide a wide range of light levels, enabling users to enjoy a vibrant spectrum of colors and detailed visuals, even in dark scenes. The OTS Lite feature delivers a realistic feel with 3D surround sound through virtual speakers and Adaptive Sound, ensuring an optimal audio experience. In this article, we'll explore the key features, Dashain-Tihar Promotions Campaign, and Offers of Samsung C-series TVs in detail. 

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Key Features of the new 2023 QLED & Crystal 4K UHD TVs 

Premium Design 

On to the Desing, The 2023 Crystal UHD and QLED TVs are designed to integrate into any part of your home seamlessly. Their AirSlim Design is a work of art that harmonizes with the aesthetics of your walls and decor, making them a perfect addition to any space. Plus, their adjustable height ensures they're an ideal fit for any room, regardless of its layout and size. 

Slim Solar Powered Remote 

Solar-powered remote, A truly innovative solution that eliminates the need for batteries. This remarkable remote can be charged using ambient room lights and even harnesses spare energy emitted from your WiFi routers. With its sleek and minimalistic design, it features a set of unobtrusive keys and a built-in microphone, offering a cutting-edge control experience for your convenience. 

100% Color Volume- Pantone Validated Colors 

The One Billion True Colors feature on 2023 TVs will surprise you with its pure brilliance as it creates a lifelike visual experience with an incredible assortment of one billion rich and colorful tones. A strong CPU allows for the miraculous conversion of low-resolution photos into a superb 4K display. Users may enjoy their favorite material with never-before-seen levels of detail thanks to these TVs' VDE certification. No matter how dark the scene is on the screen or how well-lit the room is, the improved color range and peak brightness make for an amazing viewing experience where every color pops. In addition, the screen ensures constant color and quality regardless of your viewing angle or distance from it. 

Redefine Immersive Experience with Sounds 

Indulge in a captivating sensory experience, where both your vision and hearing converge, because of the Object Tracking Sound Lite feature that harnesses the power of two virtual top speakers, delivering a cinematic 3D sound right in the comfort of your home. OTS Lite meticulously tracks the movements of on-screen elements and precisely replicates sound based on their location, resulting in a dynamic 3D-like auditory journey. To enhance this experience, consider leveraging the Q Symphony feature, allowing you to expertly orchestrate and customize your ideal sound setup for your home environment. 

Built-in AI Voice Assistant 

Meet Bixby, the integrated AI voice assistant that offers a comprehensive connected experience, making content enjoyment effortless. Simply voice your commands to access desired content across connected devices or take control of your smart home and more.

Smooth Unparalleled Gaming 

Elevate your gaming experience without the need for a console, thanks to the Samsung Gaming Hub. This hub consolidates the finest console games, streaming games, and more into a single, accessible platform. Take your gaming to the next level with seamless motion performance, automatic optimizations for on-screen movements, and the exceptional picture and performance enhancements delivered by the Motion Xcelerator. 

The 2023 C-Series TVs, including the Crystal UHD CU7700, CU8000, and QLED Q60C series, are now offered with a special Dashain and Tihar promotion in Nepal. During this offer period, customers can enjoy up to a 41% discount on Samsung TVs and a generous 3-year warranty until the end of 2023. These TVs are locally manufactured in Nepal, ensuring competitive pricing for customers, with prices starting at NPR 72,159 during the festive offer. They are available through Samsung's Authorized Distributor for TV, HIM Electronics Pvt Ltd, and Authorized Reseller Triveni Byapaar Co. Ltd. Additionally, customers have the option to purchase through 0% EMI services and hassle-free finance at Samsung Smart Plazas and can also explore exchange services at Arkostore. 

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