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Ride Sharing App in Nepal (Pathao & Tootle) and their recent Controversy

Sujan Koirala 25 Jan, 2019

Tootle & Pathao is the pleasure ride service recently started in Nepal (Kathmandu) with pick and drop facility by a third party through the use of software or a website detecting the location through Google map. It is established with the aim to provide a comfortable and cost-effective ride to the people in a rush who do not want to make much of expenses. It helps provide easy ride inside Kathmandu Valley matching the bikers (riders) on the way. The primary objective of the service has been to eradicate the monopoly “Taxi Services” are having inside the valley and the service charge they are forcing their way. It now is directly against the Taxi Service but obviously good to the tootle service providers and users whosoever involved in this.  


  • Easy & comfortable ride
  • Easy access
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast service 
  • Ride at the fingertip


  • Against the law
  • No Proper Insurance Policy
  • Safety Concerns

But, the problem arises when using the private transport system as a public service provider is against the law in Nepal. Private sectors are not supposed to provide public service in such manner that goes against the law and is illegal to have passengers facilitated though the Department of Transport Management introduced a new law on April 14, 2019, to govern and regulate such ride-sharing service within the valley that has been in operation. The service providers can provide such services under certain provisions, terms, and conditions.

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The service totally goes against the Taxi Service providers for which they are protesting against the Tootle service to overthrow it. They are rightly so in going against it which hampers them and is against the law from their perspective. But, we can’t always look after certain rules of those times where there was no possibility of such services. The modifications and changes have to be encouraged. Recently, the respected Prime Minister Khadga Pd. Oli did keep his points and allowed the Tootle service providers to continue their work providing the public service.  

Yet again, Taxi Service providers are now planning to take the case to the court which is against them as per law but not as per the time and demand. They might have the hearing in their favor but what next? Will the act be modified? Will the Tootle Service providers continue what they have come for? Hope it goes the right way to have easy, comfortable and cost-effective transport facility the citizens. It doesn’t seem like the tootle service will stop though!  

What happens next? Well, it is something we will witness in the coming days sooner!!  

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