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PUBG Mobile Game Banned In Nepal - It is necessary?

Sujan Koirala 11 Apr, 2019

What? Seriously ?? But yes, you heard the news right. The PUBG is officially banned in Nepal. The most popular and the highest revenue collector of 2018 in the world is no more available to play in the country. Nepal Telecommunication Authority declared today to ban upon playing and downloading the game in any cellular network and ISP in Nepal.

According to Gokul Prasad Baskota, Minister of Communication & Information Technology, the high usage of PUBG by youth leads up to the suicide in the society and brings disharmony in the society. Upon the request of the Central Buero Of Police Investigation, the government came to declare this step. The government gives notice to all the cellular network and ISP operating in the country to take action upon this announcement.

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Min Prasad Aryal, the member of Nepal Telecommunication Authority, says we look upon the request of Police and finally came at the point to declare this step. Just a few months ago, the government declared to ban Porn sites in the nations.

Cental Buero Of Police Investigation had request Supreme Court to provide the right to ban PUBG in the country and finally, Supreme Court provide the authority to ban the game after thinking the bad effects of the game are increasing in the society.

This game had caught on like a wildfire all over the world and Nepal was no exception.  It is an online game. It is produced by Timi Studio, a gathering including 6 studios or groups having a place with Tencent Games. Armed force Assault is respected to be an all-inclusive adaptation of the genuine PC diversion. In particular, it has a slight change in interactivity and amusement mode. In which, the player will be compelled to focus on warships, vessels, and kayaks. It is required to bring something crisp and intriguing while there are plenty of amusements like PUBG.

The social media is flooded with this breaking news. Most of the youth who are hardcore gamers are against the announcement as many others welcome the news. What about you?  Are you a fan of PUBG? What is thought about the news? Please let us know in the comment section down below.

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