OPPO announced MeshTalk: Chat to friends without Network, Wifi or Bluetooth

Sujan Koirala 29 Jun, 2019

OPPO, the Chinese tech giant is always known for its futuristic devices and their innovations. They are keeping the industry in paces with their pathbreaking techs. The company showed their new milestone technology that will surely be a trend in a year i.e. Under Screen Camera (USC) technology (world’s 1st phone with such a feature) at MWC 2019 Shanghai. The company also unveiled one of the unexpected smartphone features which are called as MeshTalk.

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As the whole world is trying to make the 5G network a reality but OPPO has come with a new question what if there is no internet or network & its answer seems to be MeshTalk system. It lets people make calls and text without cellular, Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth connections within a range of 3000m (1.86 miles).

As for OPPO’s MeshTalk work procedure, it operates using the creation of an ad-hoc local area network (LAN) across a wide area and communicates directly to each other via a signal relay. As per the company’s claim the technology doesn’t have a significant effect in its battery life. The company also plans to build the phones with 72hour standby mode with MeshTalk active on it. So, it can also operate even in low power.

OPPO says that it uses a custom chip that enhances the device’s sensitivity to achieve a long range of communication. It is a low-bandwidth system, but it still supports voice calls, not just texts. MeshTalk also has a high level of privacy as it’ll be capable of bypassing base stations and servers.

It will be a great help in the situation of natural disasters and calamities to connect people who are in no reach of network or internet. It is truly a revolutionary tech. “At times, we encounter extreme situations when there is no network coverage at all — for example, when you just arrive at an airport in a foreign country or when you take an off-road trip or attend a concert, football match, or exhibition,” OPPO said in a press release.

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As the tech is in an initial phase of the development, the company has decided to keep a mum about when it will be available to the public. So, we don’t have more details about tech or when will the 1st mobile phones with this tech will hit the market.

So, are you all excited about this new tech called MeshTalk? I am excited as hell.

Do let us know what are your thoughts on it …

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