NTC Brings Stay Connected Offer with New Data and Voice Packs | 1GB Data at Rs. 20

Sanjeev Dulal 2 Apr, 2020

Nepal Telecom has decided to give a 100 percent bonus to its customers on recharge. Telecom's decision came after several customers were having trouble buying recharge cards after the government implemented lockdowns to prevent the spread of corona infections. NTC has also added new data and voice packs during this lockdown period. NTC has added 4GB and 10GB data packs along with 60 and 285 minutes of voice packs.  

This arrangement will be implemented on recharge only after 9 pm on Wednesday night i.e. 25th March. Nepal Telecommunication Authority on Tuesday directed the mobile service provider to give a bonus equal to the recharge amount as the citizens are unable to get out of the house.

Nepal Telecom has decided to provide a bonus balance amount as recharge so that it can be used within its network, said Dilliram Adhikari, managing director of telecom. According to him, the amount of such bonus can be used to run the data and even send SMS. If you call on networks other than Nepal Telecom, the main balance will be deducted. All the recharge amount will be doubled and the bonus amount is valid for certain periods only. Here is the list of bonus period according to the amount of recharge. NTC is providing more bonus validity to the customers who are recharging their phones with digital methods such as MPOS, digital payment gateways like eSewa, Khalti, IMEPay, and others. 

Recharge Card Bonus

S.No. Recharge Card Amount Bonus Validity 
1 Rs 50 & 100 2 days
2 Rs 200 & 500 4 days
3 Rs 1000 6 days

MPOS & Digital Recharge Bonus

S.No. Recharge Amount Bonus Validity
1 Rs 10 to Rs 99 2 days
2 Rs 100 to Rs 499 4 days
3 Rs 500 to Rs 999 8 days
4 Rs 1000 and above 10 days

Lockdown Data Pack

NTC has come up with stay connected offer to cater to the need for data during this lockdown. Altogether there are two data packs - 4GB and 10GB pack respectively. These packs seem to be the promotional packs for the widely developed 4G network by Nepal telecom.  The first one is the 4GB data pack which costs you Rs. 100 and is valid for 5 days. In this pack, you'll get a total of 4GB of data in which you can use 1GB of data in any network and rest of 3GB in 4GB only. Similarly, the second one is a 10GB pack in which 2GB in any network can be used and the rest of 8GB can be used in a 4GB network only. 

S.No. Data Pack  Validity  Price
1 4GB - 1GB All Network + 3GB 4G Only 5 days Rs. 100
2 10GB - 2GB All Network + 8GB 4G Only 7 days Rs. 200


Recently, Ncell has also launched a 15GB stay home pack to let users use data freely. 

Lockdown Voice Pack

Another offer from NTC is voice pack. In this pack, you'll be getting a total of 60 minutes for talk time at Rs. 25 which is valid for one day and total of 285 minutes of talk time for Rs. 100. This is valid for 7 days. 

S.No.  Voice Pack Validity Price
1 60 minutes - 40 minutes + 20 minutes bonus 1 day Rs. 25
2 285 minutes - 190 minutes + 95 minutes bonus 7 days Rs. 100

NOTE: The transfer facility of the bonus amount is not available and you cannot purchase data and voice packs for the bonus amount. Furthermore, the gift pack is also prohibited to purchase with the bonus amount. 

Validity Extension on Wired Services

Nepal Telecom has also made a wise decision by providing an extension of the validity of services like ADSL, FTTH and other services looking at the pandemic situation.  The list of validity extension of NTC services are:

  1. NTC to continue the internet services for ADSL and FTTH even if the deadline exceeds within the lockdown period. The services will not discontinue within the lockdown period even if you don't make any recharge or bill payment.
  2. NTC will not make you pay fines if you can't pay the bills during the lockdown period. You will have to pay for the services that you will use and you have used after the lockdown ends.

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