Ncell Brings New Packs | 25% Discount on Data, 120% Bonus, Voice Packs, 15GB Data Packs and More

Sanjeev Dulal 3 Apr, 2020

Private-sector telecommunications service provider Ncell has launched an offer for a customer for a "lockdown" period. The company said it has added cheaper data packs and other features on their service lists. Ncell has made an offer to let people do their work from home and not leave the house without work.

Altogether Ncell has offered six different offers to date. They are stay home pack, 120% bonus on recharge, transfer balance without service charge and get double sapati of Rs. 80 without additional charges. 

Stay connected with your loved ones

ncell stay connceted offer

This is a day and night voice and SMS pack offered by Ncell during the period of lockdown. Both of these voice/SMS packs are valid for 1 day. The first one is Day Voice and SMS packs of 720 Talktime and 720 SMS at just Rs. 15.32 including taxes. This is valid from 5 AM to the 5 PM. 

The second one is Night Voice and SMS pack which consists of 480 minutes of talk time and 480 SMS at just Rs. 12.77 including taxes. Both these voice and SMS packs can be used to call and text any Ncell number. 

25% off on Pay As You Go (PAYG) Data Service

Ncell has reduced the pay as you go fee to Rs. 1.5 per MB excluding its taxes. This modified fee will remain in effect for the lockdown period. To ensure Internet access to its customers at an accessible rate, the company has also been offering a bonus on data to its customers under Pay As You Go.

Whereby data charges have been reduced by up to 25 percent. Under this scheme, the more consumers use data from their main balance, the data charges become more accessible. With a 25 percent discount on Pay As You Go, customers will be able to use the data for up to 25 percent discount while using the Internet. When a customer runs a data service using their main balance, they will receive bonus data immediately based on the balance amount spent.

Stay Home Pack

ncell covid 15GB data offer

The second one is stay home pack. In this offer, you will get 15 GB of data for 293.69 rupees with government taxes. This offer will cost almost Rs 20 per GB of data. Of the data available in this package, it will be valid for seven days, and 5 GB data will run on the 4G network whereas the remaining 10 GB will run on both the 3G and 4G networks. You need to dial * 17123# to buy this package.

Get double Saapati amount of Rs. 80

ncell double sapati offer

Likewise, the company is offering a flat loan of Rs. 80 if the balance is reached Rs. 5 or less during the lockdown period. The company has added Rs.40 to the existing package. You must dial *9988# to borrow.

Transfer more balance with zero service fee

ncell covid 19 balance transfer offer

Similarly, the company has provided a balance transfer service free of charge. Anyone with a balance on their SIM can transfer the amount to the one who does not have the balance and is applicable to any Ncell number.

Rs. 10,000 can be transferred free of charge in a day and up to Rs. 500 per transfer is applicable and can transfer up to 20 times. To transfer the balance from Ncell number to Ncell number, dial *17122*mobile-number-to-transfer*transfer-amount# or use the Ncell app. 

120% bonus on every recharge

ncell covid 19 bonus on recharge

Ncell has offered a 120% bonus on every recharge done within the lockdown period. For example, if you recharge 100 rupees to your account, you'll get an extra Rs. 120 as a bonus balance. The bonus balance can be used for 3 days to call and message any Ncell number or to surf the internet. It is applicable to every recharge services like recharge cards, recharge via Ncell app,, eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, PrabhuPay, e-banking, and other online mediums.

Furthermore, Ncell has urged clients to use online payment methods to recharge during the lockdown. The company has also requested to recharge directly through payment or other mobile wallet or mobile banking by going to Ncell's app and website. Nepal Telecom is also offering a similar kind of offer during the period of lockdown which might be handy for NTC users. 

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