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Must have Nepali Apps in 2023 [Android & iOS]

Sujan Koirala 15 May, 2023

The whole of the world is in the dynamics of technology. Nepal too is in no way untouched by the rhythm and pace that technology has caught up. The culture of developing mobile applications has been creeping into our society making our day-to-day life more sophisticated yet easy. Have a gaze at banks and schools where you can abundantly find customized software and smart applications being used for diverse purposes.

Bill payment software is what we come across on a daily basis in department stores. In banking, there are smart accounting packages used for accounts handling, making transactions, activating services, and so on. Educational sectors are well-equipped with customized software that keeps records of entire schooling activities. This evidently clarifies how deeply have we been giving ourselves to technology. This has opened a wide prospect for every IT aspirant.

With the advent of smart-phone, we have been very dependent on technology ranging from the minute task of acknowledging dates and times to significant works like banking transactions. The introduction of mobile applications has made our life subsequently way easier. The most useful Android mobile applications of our time are pictured here, which have supposedly influenced every nook and corner of our hectic schedule.

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eSewa is an electronic wallet on your mobile devices. The application provides a wide variety of services. The app enables you to make utility payments like electricity bills, water-supply bills, cable-network bill and many others. The app is equipped with other unique services like balance top-up on mobile phones. Even banking transactions have been taking digital pathways through eSewa. You can transfer money from one bank account to another via this app. Registration is free and once you are logged in, you can even buy bus tickets, airline tickets, and movie tickets via this app.

You need to have Internet banking or SMS banking in one of the partner banks of eSewa and can load your cash to the eSewa wallet through your bank accounts to make payments and enjoy other services offered by the app. Some of the partner banks are Global IME, Everest, NIC Asia, Civil, Laxmi, and Mega and there are 20+ others including co-operatives.

Khalti has been an alternative to eSewa and is giving tough competition to eSewa for a year or less back.

eSewa Download Link: Android | iOS

Khalti Download Link: Android | iOS

Hamro Patro

Something that has replaced the calendar nowadays is ‘ Hamro Patro’. It is an app that has evidently proved its worth among millions of smartphone users in Nepal through its ever-growing services and the smartness it has equipped itself with. Initially, the app was just meant for watching dates and times, but the app has risen its competency by adding services like- listening to online FMs, reading blogs, knowing the recent hot news, looking at horoscopes on a daily basis, etc.

The recent updates on the price of gold-silver and vegetables in the local market are included in the app as an additional recipe. With more than one million downloads, Hamro Patro has been one of the most installed Android apps in Nepal. With collaboration with 150+ radio stations, Hamro Patro has extended its services to multidisciplinary sectors.

Download Link: Android | iOS


Whether it be FIFA World Cup or a One Day International match between Nepal and Netherlands, you are not going to miss any of the matches, TV shows, and news. This online TV streaming app provides you with plenty of TV channels to choose from you on your mobile phone. 


NET TV is the first online TV service that is licensed by Nepal Government. On the other hand, WOW Time is an app owned by Nepal Telecom. You are bound with Nepal Telecom SIM to watch TV via WOW Time. Both these apps provide all the Nepali channels for free and give you the option to buy channels according to your choice. 

Download Link: Android 

Nepali Dictionary-Offline

Many a time we suffer from weak vocabulary. There are times when we know a word in Nepali, but not in English and vice versa. Nepali dictionary-offline is the very definite solution to this suffering.


It enables you to look meaning of words. The presence of two-way conversion –Nepali to English and English to Nepali is that peculiarity that has engraved its usefulness much deeper than other conventional dictionaries available in the play store. It is offline and hence can be accessed even in the absence of the internet.

Download Link: Android 


This is a digital e-commerce application that connects thousands of potential buyers and sellers in a common platform.

You needn’t visit crowdy markets and bargain over the prices of commodities once you have ‘Daraz’ installed on your phone. Pictures of the products are posted along with their price, and users (buyers) can simply click over the product and make their order; which is most of the times delivered to your favorite location for pick-up. Wide varieties of products are available in Daraz at a competitive market price. More importantly, this saves pretty a lot of time from your busy schedule.

Download Link: Android | iOS

Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Time and often, we love to bounce back to our origin and originality. That is when we opt to write in ‘Nepali’ even on our social media. Hamro Nepali keyboard has offered you the gracious gift that enables you to type anything in Nepali, beautified by the availability of emojis as well.


It is based on MPP’s Nepali Romanized Unicode. It autocompletes Nepali words while typing. It has been downloaded one million times and has met the record set by Hamro Patro in terms of maximum downloads.

Download Link: Android | iOS


Pathao is a popular ride-hailing and delivery service provider in Nepal. It was founded in 2015 in Bangladesh and has since expanded to other countries, including Nepal.

In Nepal, Pathao/inDrive offers a range of services, including bike and car ride-hailing, food delivery, and courier services. Users can download the Pathao/indrive app on their smartphones to request a ride or place an order for delivery. Pathao/inDrive uses a GPS tracking system to match riders or delivery personnel with customers, ensuring quick and efficient service.


One of the unique features of Pathao/inDrive is its affordable pricing, which has made it a popular choice among Nepali customers. The company also places a strong emphasis on safety, providing helmets to both riders and passengers and conducting background checks on all its employees.

Overall, Pathao/inDrive has quickly become one of the most popular ride-hailing and delivery services in Nepal, providing a convenient and reliable service to customers across the country.

Pathao Download Link: Android | iOS

inDrive Download Link: Android | iOS

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