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Most durable Smartphones of 2018

GadgetFrame 6 Jan, 2019

Smartphone manufacturers are being innovative and experimenting with their products so its good to choose a phone that can stand the test of time and survive as long the consumer uses it. One of the most popular You tuber JerryRigEverything came up with the video highlighting the phones of 2018 that stood out in terms of durability. Most of the phones survive this durability test as the quality of Smartphone are increasing year by year.

Most of the Smartphone are glued shut, which means that there is water resistance which helps the phone last longer but also harder to repair when that time comes because screens do crack, phones get damaged, the battery can wear out and must be replaced.

Most durable phone of 2018 is Nokia 7 Plus which has metal on the back glass on the front but a pretty much rigid design. Its screen replacement can be done in 10 to 15 minutes with a very good design with good repairability.

Nokia 7 Plus

No manufacturer wants their consumer to get in and repair their smartphones as they have to wait longer to sell a new phone. Manufacturer loses money when consumer repairs their phones. But there is one company Apple that goes above and beyond to keep the consumer out of their device which is the least repairable a least durable smartphone of 2018. All the iPhones' glass back is impossible to replace even apple themselves can not do it if they have to replace then it will cost outrageous that will be the cost for a brand new phone.

Oppo Find X 

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Other least durable phones of 2018 are Huawei mate 20 Pro and Huawei P20 Pro. These two phones cracked up during the durability test. The next one that absolutely failed is Oppo Find X which is a motorized smartphone with the camera that pops up out of the top but could not hold its own during bend test .

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