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Mobile Phone Price in Nepal | All Smartphones

Sujan Koirala 25 Sep, 2020

The price list of most of the phones that are available in the Nepali market is listed here. We keep updating the price of the phone as per the changes and add the prices of new phones as soon as they are available in the market. This might not be fully authentic as the price differs from store to store. These prices are for reference purposes only. 

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal       

Product Name Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal (MRP)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Rs. 226,999 (12/256GB)  (New) 

Rs. Rs. 239,999 (12/512GB)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Rs. 139,999 (New)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Rs. 244,999 199,999 (12/256GB) 
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4  Rs. 144,999 114,999 (8/256GB) 
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3   Rs. 179,999 161,999 (512GB)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3   Rs. 89,999 (256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Rs. 191,999 (12/256GB) 

Rs. 209,999 (12/512GB)

Samsung Galaxy S23+ Rs. 151,999 (8/256GB) 
Samsung Galaxy S23 Rs. 127,999 (8/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Rs. 179,999 169,999 (12/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra  Rs. 159,999 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Rs. 119,499 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Rs. 107,499 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus Rs. 1,35,000 129,599 (256GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10  Rs. 1,16,000 111,399 (256GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Rs. 123,500 105,900 (128GB) (Price Drop)

Rs. 154,500 135,900 (512GB) (Price Drop)

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite (New!) Rs. 59,999(8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy S10 Rs. 101,900 84,900 (128GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy S10e Rs. 93,900 (128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A80 Rs. 64,990 49,999(8/128GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy A71 (New) Rs. 49,999(8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A70s Rs. 48,890 43,799 (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy A70 Rs. 42,890 40,799 (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy A51 (New) Rs. 38,999(6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A50s  Rs. 42,190 33,599 (6/128GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy M40  Rs. 29,990 25,990 (6/128GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy M31(New!)

Rs. 30,999 (6/128GB)

Rs. 35,699 (8/128GB)

Samsung Galaxy M30s

Rs. 33,590 (6/128GB) 
Rs. 27,990 (4/64GB)

Samsung Galaxy A50 Rs. 29,490 26,699 (4/64GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy A30s Rs. 31,890 27,490(4/64GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy A30 Rs. 24,890 23,899 (4/64GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy M21 (New!)

Rs. 22,999 (4/64GB),

Rs. 27,499 (6/128GB)

Samsung Galaxy A20s

Rs. 21,199  19,999(4/64GB) (Price Drop)

Rs. 19,899 18,899 (3/32GB) (Price Drop)

Samsung Galaxy M20 Rs. 17,190 (3/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy M11 (New!) Rs. 18,999(3/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy M10 Rs. 13,290 (2/16GB)
Samsung Galaxy A20 Rs. 19,490 18,800 (3/32GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy A10s (New!) Rs. 16,090 13,999 (2/16GB) (Price Drop)
Samsung Galaxy A01 Rs. 13,499(2/16GB)
Samsung Galaxy A10 Rs. 13,490
Samsung Galaxy J2 4G  Rs. 10,690
Samsung Galaxy A2 Core Rs. 8,999 8,499 (Price Drop)

iPhone Price in Nepal

Product Name

Maximum Retail Price (MRP)

iPhone 8

Out of Stock

iPhone 8 Plus 

Out of Stock

iPhone X Out of Stock
iPhone XR

Out of Stock

iPhone Xs

Out of Stock

iPhone Xs Max

Out of Stock

iPhone 11

Rs. 89,990 (128GB)

iPhone 11 Pro

Out of Stock

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Out of Stock

iPhone 13 Rs.119,990 (128GB)
iPhone 14

Rs. 138,990(128GB),

Rs. 157,990 (256GB)

iPhone 14 Plus

Rs. 157,990 (128GB),

Rs. 176,990(256GB)

iPhone 14 Pro

Rs. 180,190 172,990(128GB),

Rs. 198,890 191,990(256GB),

Rs. 246,990 228,990(512GB)

Rs. 284,990 266,990(1TB)

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Rs. 198,890 191,990(128GB),

Rs. 217,790 210,990(256GB),

Rs. 265,990 247,990(512GB),

Rs. 304,990 285,990(1TB)


Honor Mobile Price in Nepal

HONOR Mobiles in Nepal

Price in Nepal

Honor X5  

Rs. 11,990 (2/32GB)

Honor X6 

Rs. 18,490 (4/64GB)

Honor X7 

Rs. 24,990 (4/128GB) 

Honor X7a

Rs. 22,990 (6/128GB) 

Honor X8

Rs. 29,990 (6/128GB)

Honor X8a

Rs. 30,490 (8/128GB)

Honor 50 Lite

Rs. 34,990 (8/128GB)

Honor X9

Rs. 38,490 (8/128GB)

Honor X9a

Rs. 45,990 (8/256GB)

Honor 70

Rs. 69,990 (8/256GB)

Honor Magic 5 Pro

Rs. 164,990 (12/512GB)

OPPO Mobile Price in Nepal

Oppo Mobile Model

Price in Nepal

Oppo F21 Pro

Rs. 39,999 (8/128GB)

Oppo F19 Pro 

Rs. 35,990 (8/128GB)

Oppo A77s 

Rs. 30,999 (8/128GB)

Oppo A76 

Rs. 29,990 (6/128GB)

Oppo A77 

Rs. 25,999 (4/128GB)

Oppo A57 

Rs. 23,499 (4/64GB)

Oppo A17 

Rs. 19,999 (4/64GB)

Oppo A17K

Rs. 14,999(3/64GB)

Oppo A16 

Rs. 22,990 (4/64GB)
Rs. 18,990 (3/32GB)

Oppo A16k 

Rs. 17,490 (4/64GB)
Rs. 15,990 (3/32GB)

Realme Mobile Price in Nepal

Realme Phones

Price in Nepal

Realme C11

Rs. 13,499(2/32GB),

Rs 15,799(4/64GB)

Realme C30

Rs. 13,499(2/32GB) 

Rs 14,499(4/64GB)

Realme C30s

Rs. 13,499(2/32GB)

Rs. 15,999(4/64GB)

Realme C31

Rs. 17,799(4/64GB)

Realme C33

Rs. 16,499(3/32GB)

Rs. 18,499(4/64GB)

Realme C35 

Rs. 21,299 (4/64GB) 

Rs. 22,799 (4/128GB) 

Rs. 24,999(6/128GB)

Realme C55

Rs. 21,999(6/64GB)  

Rs. 25,999(8/128GB)  

Narzo 50i  

Rs. 13,499(2+32GB)  

Rs. 15,799(4/64GB)

Narzo 50i Prime

Rs. 14,499(3/32GB)

Rs. 15,999(4/64GB)

Narzo N53

Rs. 15,999 (4+64GB)

Rs. 18,999(6+128GB) 

Narzo 50A

Rs. 19,499(4/64GB)  

Rs. 21,199(4/128GB)  

Narzo 50A Prime

Rs. 20,299(4/64GB)

Rs. 21,799(4/128GB)

Narzo N55

Rs. 20,499(4/64GB) 

Rs. 24,499(6/128GB)

Narzo 50

Rs. 23,999(4+64GB)

Rs. 27,499(6+128GB) 

Realme 9i

Rs. 24,499(4/64GB)

Rs. 27,999(6/128GB)

Realme 9

Rs. 31,999(6/128GB) 

Rs. 33,999(8/128GB)

Realme 9 Pro

Rs. 38,999(8/128GB)

Realme 9 Pro+

Rs. 42,999(6/128GB)

Rs. 45,999(8/128GB)

Realme 10

Rs. 29,999(8/128GB)

Realme 10 Pro+  

Rs. 45,999(8+128GB)

Realme GT Neo 3

Rs. 77,999(12+256GB)

Realme GT 2 Pro  

Rs. 109,999(12+256GB)

OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal

OnePlus Mobiles Model

Official Price in Nepal

OnePlus Nord N20 SE

Rs. 23,499 (4/64GB)

Rs. 25,999 (4/128GB)

OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G

Rs. 40,999 (8/128GB)

OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite

Rs. 41,999 (8/128GB) 

Rs. 45,999 (8/256GB)

OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G

Rs. 48,999 (8/128GB)

OnePlus Nord 2 5G

Rs. 59,999 (8/128GB)

Rs. 69,999 (12/256GB)

OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

Rs. 64,999 (8/128GB)

Rs. 74,999 (12/256GB)

OnePlus 10T

Rs. 94,999 (8/128GB)

Rs. 114,999 (16/256GB)

OnePlus 10 Pro

Rs. 134,999 (12/256GB)

OnePlus 11

Rs. 129,999 (8/128GB)

Rs. 134,999 (16/256GB)


Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal

Vivo Mobile Phones

Price in Nepal 

Vivo Y01 

Rs. 13,999(2/32GB)

Vivo Y02

Rs. 12,499(2/32GB)

Vivo Y1s

Rs. 13,599(2/32GB) 

Rs. 14,999(3/3 2GB)

Vivo Y12s Rs. 17,999(3/32GB) 

 Vivo Y15c 

Rs. 14,999(3/32GB)

Vivo Y15s 

Rs. 17,999(3/64GB)

Vivo Y20

Rs. 19,990(3/64GB)
Rs. 20,999(4/64GB)

Vivo Y20s 

Rs. 23,999(4/128GB)

Vivo Y21 

Rs. 22,999 (4/64GB)

Vivo Y22 

Rs. 22,999(4/64GB)

Vivo Y22s 

Rs. 27,999(6/128GB)

Vivo Y36

Rs. 28,999 [8/128GB]

Vivo Y33s 

Rs. 29,999(8/128GB)

Vivo Y35 

Rs. 30,999(8/128GB)

Vivo Y53s 

Rs. 34,999(8/128GB)

Vivo Y55 

Rs. 33,999(8/128GB)

Vivo V21e

Rs. 37,999(8/128GB)

Vivo V23e

Rs. 41,999 (8/128GB)

 Rs. 46,999(8/256GB)

Vivo V25e 

Rs. 39,999(8/128GB)

Vivo V25 5G

Rs. 52,999 (8/128GB)

Vivo V27 5G

Rs. 58,999(8/256GB)

Vivo V27e 

Rs. 41,999(8/256GB)

Xiaomi Mobile Price in Nepal

Xiaomi Model

Price in Nepal

Redmi A1

Rs. 11,999 (2/32 GB)

Redmi A1+

Rs. 12,499 (2/32 GB)

Rs. 13,999 (3/32 GB)

Redmi 9A

Rs. 12,999 (2/32 GB)

 Rs. 13,999 (3/32 GB)

Redmi 9C

Rs. 15,999 (3/64 GB)

 Rs. 17,999 (4/128 GB)

Redmi 10A

Rs. 13,999 (2/32 GB)

 Rs. 15,999 (3/64 GB)

 Rs. 17,999 (4/128 GB)

Redmi 10

Rs. 18,999 (4/64 GB)

 Rs. 21,999 (6/128 GB)

Redmi 10 Prime 

Rs. 20,499 (4/64 GB)

Rs. 23,999 (6/128 GB)

Redmi Note 11

Rs. 23,999 (4/64 GB)

 Rs. 24,999 (4/128 GB)

Rs. 27,999 (6/128 GB)

Redmi Note 11S

Rs. 30,999 (6/128 GB)

Rs. 32,999 (8/128 GB)

Redmi Note 10 Pro

Rs. 33,999 (6/128 GB)

Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G

Rs. 34,999 (6/128 GB)

 Rs. 36,999 (8/128 GB)

Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G

Rs. 38,499 (6/128 GB)

 Rs. 41,499 (8/128 GB)

Redmi Note 12

Rs. 22,999 (4/128GB)

Rs. 24,999 (6/128GB)

Rs. 26,999 (8/128GB)

Redmi Note 12 Pro 

Rs. 38,999 (6/128GB)

Rs. 41,999 (8/256GB)

Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G

Rs. 29,999 (6/128GB)

Rs. 31,999 (8/256GB)

Xiaomi 12 Lite

Rs. 50,999 (6/128 GB)

 Rs. 53,999 (8/128 GB)

Xioami 13 Lite

Rs. 54,999 (8/128 GB)

Rs. 57,999 (8/256 GB)

Xiaomi 12X

Rs. 71,999 (8/256 GB)

Xiaomi 12

Rs. 87,999 (8/256 GB)

Xiaomi 12 Pro

Rs. 1,04,999 (8/256 GB)

Rs. 1,14,999 (12/256 GB)

Xiaomi 13 Pro

Rs. 1,29,999 (12/256 GB)


Poco Mobiles Price in Nepal

Smartphone Model

Official Price in Nepal

Poco C31 

Rs. 14,999 (3/32GB), 

Rs. 16,499 (4/64GB)

Poco M3 Pro 5G

Rs. 23,999  (4/64GB)

Poco M5

Rs. 20,499 (4/64GB), 

Rs. 23,999 (6/128GB)

Poco X5 Pro 

Rs. 37,999 [8/128GB], 

Rs. 40,999 [8/256GB]

Poco F3 

Rs. 46,999 (6/128GB), 

Rs. 51,999 (8/256GB)

Poco F3 GT 

Rs. 51,999 (8/256GB)

Tecno Mobile Price in Nepal

Tecno Mobile Model

Price in Nepal

Pop 6

Rs 12,490(2/32GB)

Pop 5LTE

Rs 13,990(3/32GB)

Spark 8C

Rs 14,990(3/64GB)

Spark 8

Rs 15,990(4/64GB)

Spark 7T

Rs 16,490(4/64GB),
Rs 17,990(4/128GB)

Camon 17P

Rs 23,690(6/128GB)

Pova Neo

Rs 21,990(6/128GB)

Pova 2

Rs 23,990(6/128GB)

Pova 3

Rs 23,990(6/128GB)

Phantom X

Rs 64,990(8/256GB)


Motorola Mobile Price in Nepal

Motorola Mobile Model

Price in Nepal

Moto E13

Rs. 11,999(2/64GB)

Moto E7 Plus

Rs. 16,590(4/64GB)

Moto E7 Power

Rs. 15,990(4/64GB)

Moto E40

Rs. 19,999(4/64GB)

Moto G9 Play 

Rs. 19,990(4/128GB)

Moto G22 

Rs. 22,499(4/128GB) 

Moto G31

Rs. 23,999(4/128GB) 

Nokia Mobile Price in Nepal

Nokia Mobile

Price in Nepal

Nokia C1

Rs. 6,999(1/16GB)

Nokia C20

Rs. 10,999(2/32GB)

Nokia C21 Plus 

Rs. 16,499(3/64GB)

Nokia C30 

Rs. 12,999(2/32GB)

Nokia G10 

Rs. 16,999(4/64GB)

Nokia G11 Plus 

Rs. 19,499(3/64GB)

Nokia G20 

Rs. 19,899(4/64GB)

Nokia G21 

Rs. 22,999(6/128GB)  

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