Mobile Phone Price in Nepal

GadgetFrame 15 Jul, 2018
  1. The price list of most of the phones that are available in the Nepali market is listed here. We keep updating the price of the phone as per the changes and add the prices of new phones as soon as they are available in the market. This might not be fully authentic as the price differs from stores to stores. These prices are for reference purpose only. 

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

Model  Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Samsung Galaxy J1 Nxt Prime Rs.7,990
SamsungGalaxy J2 4G  Rs.10,690
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Rs.11,690
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro(2016) Rs. 14,290
Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace (Prime) Rs.13,190
Samsung Galaxy J2 (2018) Rs.14,290
Samsung Galaxy On7 pro Rs.15,790
Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt


Rs.20,990 (3GB/32GB)

Samsung Galaxy J Max Rs.18,900
Samsung Galaxy J4

Rs. 15,490(2GB/16GB)

Rs. 18,990(3GB/32GB)

Samsung Galaxy J4+

Rs. 19,390 (2/32GB)

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Rs.23,990 (32GB)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Rs.26,290
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 Rs. 26,400
Samsung Galaxy J6+

Rs. 27,990 (4/64GB)

Rs. 23,690 (3/32GB)

Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo Rs.22,000
Samsung Galaxy J6 2018



Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Rs.30,900
Samsung Galaxy J8 Rs.31,490
Samsung Galaxy A6 Rs. 26,890
Samsung Galaxy A6+ Rs. 34,890
Samsung Galaxy C7 pro Rs.34,490
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Rs.49,990
Samsung Galaxy A8 Star Rs.59,990
Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 Rs.44,990
Samsung Galaxy S8 Rs.69,900
Samsung Galaxy S8+ Rs.79,900
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rs.86,900
Samsung Galaxy S9 Rs.87,900
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Rs.99,900 (64GB)

Rs.1,04,900 (128GB)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Rs. 1,09,900(128GB)

iPhone Price in Nepal


Maximum Retail Price (MRP)

iPhone 8

Rs. 98,500(64GB)
Rs. 119,500(256GB)

iPhone 8 Plus 

Rs. 112,500(64GB)

Rs. 136,000(256GB)

iPhone X Rs. 146,000(64GB)
Rs. 167,000(256GB)
iPhone XR

Rs. 119,500(64GB)

Rs. 129,500(128GB)

Rs. 145,800(256GB)

iPhone Xs

Rs. 162,000(64GB)

Rs. 186,000(256GB)

Rs. 218,000(512GB)

iPhone Xs Max

Rs. 178,000(64GB)

Rs. 202,000(256GB)

Rs. 234,000(512GB)


Huawei Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Huawei Y3 II Rs.9,000
Huawei Y3 2017 Rs.10,900
Huawei Y3 2018 Rs.11,400
Huawei Y5 II Rs.12,000
huawei Y5 Lite(New) Rs.13,900
Huawei Y5 2017 Rs. 12,900
Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 Rs.14,900
Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 Rs.17,900
Huawei Y7 Rs.15,900
Huawei Y6 II Rs.18,000
Huawei Y7 Pro 2018 Rs.22,500
Huawei Y7 Prime Rs.24,900
Huawei Y9 2018 Rs.25,900
Huawei Y9 2019(New) Rs.34,900
Huawei Nova 2 Lite(New) Rs.23,900
Huawei Nova 2i Rs.32,900
Huawei Nova 3e Rs.38,900
Huawei Nova 3i Rs.38,900
Huawei Nova 3 Rs.58,900
Huawei P20  Rs.74,900
Huawei P10 Plus Rs.79,000
Huawei Mate 10 Pro Rs.1,03,900
Huawei P20 Pro Rs.99,000
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Rs. 129,000

OPPO Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Oppo A7 Rs. 35,790
Oppo A37 Rs.15,590
Oppo A71K Rs.17,250
Oppo A71 2018 Rs.15,990
Oppo A71 Rs.18,590
Oppo A57 Rs.24,990
Oppo A83 Rs. 23,990
Oppo A83 (2018) Rs.27,490
Oppo F1s (4GB/64GB) Rs.28,990
Oppo F3 Rs.31,590
Oppo F5



Oppo F5 Youth Rs.27,990
Oppo F3 Plus Rs.54,990
Oppo F7 



Oppo F7 Youth


Oppo A3s


Oppo F9

Rs. 41,590(4GB)
Rs. 45,490(6GB)

One Plus Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
One Plus 5 



One Plus 5T 

Rs. 57,500(6GB/64GB)


OnePlus 6

Rs. 74,900 (6GB/64GB)

 Rs. 82,900(8GB/128GB)

Rs. 95,000(8GB/256GB) 

VIVO Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Vivo Y53 Rs. 14,690
Vivo Y71 Rs. 17,890
Vivo Y65 Rs. 18,890
Vivo Y81 Rs. 22,090
Vivo Y85 Rs. 25,491
Vivo V7 Rs. 27,290
Vivo V9 Rs. 37,790
Vivo V9 Youth Rs. 28,340
Vivo V11 Rs. 37,790
Vivo V11 Pro Rs. 49,490

ZTE Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
ZTE Blade L5 Plus Rs.8,999
ZTE D3 Rs.12,500
ZTE D2 Rs.10,990
ZTE S6 Rs.14,490
ZTE A610 Rs.17,990
ZTE V7 Lite Rs.17,390
ZTE A610 Plus Rs.23,900
ZTE S7 Rs.19,999
ZTE Axon Mini Rs.19,999
Axon Elite Rs.27,999

Xiaomi Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Xiaomi Redmi 5A Rs.13,499
Xiaomi Redmi 4A 



Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Rs.14,999
Xiaomi Redmi 5 



Xiaomi Redmi 4X 


Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime Rs.17,499
Xiaomi Redmi 6



Xiaomi Redmi 6A


Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus



Xiaomi MI A2


Xiaomi MI A2 Lite



Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI Dual Camera 

Rs. 25,999(3GGB/32GB)

Rs. 29,999(4GB/64GB)

Xioami Redmi S2

Rs. 23,499(4GB/64GB)

Rs. 19,499(3GB/32GB)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro




Nokia Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Nokia 3310(2017) Rs.5,250
Nokia 230 Rs. 6,315
Nokia 1 Rs.9,325
Nokia 2 Rs.11,499
Nokia 3 Rs.15,650 Rs. 13,999
Nokia 5 Rs.21,350 Rs. 18,499
Nokia 6 Rs.25,600 Rs. 22,999
Nokia 6 2018(Nokia 6.1)



Nokia 7 plus Rs.46,899
Nokia 8 Rs.62,990

HTC Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
HTC Desire 650 Rs.20,666
HTC Desire 830 Rs.22,900
HTC Desire 10 Pro Rs.32,490
HTC U Play Rs.49,999
HTC U Ultra Rs.78,396

Panasonic Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
P91 4G Rs.10,490
P100 4G Rs.11,990
P99 4G Rs.12,490
Eluga I9 4G Rs.16,990
Eluga A4 4G Rs.18,590

Motorola Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Moto C Rs.10,990
Moto C Plus Rs.13,490
Moto E4 Rs.15,290
Moto E4 Plus Rs.19,990

Lenovo Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Lenovo A1000 Rs.6,499
Lenovo A2010 (4G) Rs.8,499
Lenovo Vibe C Rs.9,999
Lenovo A6600 Rs.10,999
Lenovo Vibe P1M Rs.13,999
Lenovo Vibe K5 Rs.15,999
Lenovo K3 Note Rs.15,999
Lenovo K4 Note Rs.20,999
Lenovo K5 Play Rs.17,999 (New)
Lenovo S5 Rs.23,999  (New)
Lenovo K5 Note Rs.25,999
Lenovo K6 Note Rs.28,999
Lenovo P1 Turbo Rs.23,999

Ryte Mobile Price in Nepal

Dealer: Global Biz Pvt. Ltd.

Tel no: 01-4438123/4439209

Model Maximum Retail Price
R101 Groove Rs. 1,099
R103 Banana Rs. 1,395
R108 Rs. 1,445
B10 Vibe Rs. 1,495
R200Y Rs. 1,695
B20 Rs. 2,045
U50 Mini Rs. 6,945
U50 Pro Rs. 8,935
U60 Rs. 9,760
RT701(Tablet) Rs. 7,995

Karbonn Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price
Frames S7 4G Rs. 16,490
Frames S9 4G Rs. 14,690
Aura Sleek Plus 4G Rs. 12,890
K9 Smart Yuva 4G Rs. 8,490
A9 4G Rs. 7,790
A40 4G Rs. 6,990
K885 Metal Rs. 2,699
K444 Shakti Rs. 2,599
Kphone 1 Rs. 2,699
K99 Pro Rs. 2,399
K9 Jumbo Rs. 2,349
K490+ Rs. 1,999
K24+ Rs. 1,899
K49 Rs. 1,799
K46 LED Rs. 1,649
K17 Rock Rs. 1,549
K2 Boombox Rs. 1,199

Coolpad Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Coolpad Cool Play 6 Rs.30,996
Coolpad Cool 1 Dual (4GB+64GB) Rs.30,996
Coolpad Note 3s Rs.18,996
Coolpad Mega 3 Rs.17,496
Coolpad Mega 2.5D Rs.16,496
Coolpad NX1 Rs.10,226

Sony Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Sony Xperia XA Rs.17,000
Sony Xperia L1 Rs.20,000
Sony Xperia XA Ultra Rs.27,500
Sony Xperia XA1 Rs.28,000
Sony Xperia X Rs.32,500
Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Rs.40,500
Sony Xperia XZ Rs.52,500
Sony Xperia XZs Rs.55,000 
Sony Xperia XZ Premium Rs.80,500

Meizu Mobile Price in Nepal 

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Meizu M5c Rs. 13,499
Meizu M5s

Rs. 18,199 (16 GB)

Rs. 19,499 (32 GB)

Meizu M6 Rs. 18,799
Meizu M5 Note Rs. 21,499
Meizu Pro 7 Rs. 47,499

Lava Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Lava R1 Rs.13,999
Lava A3 Minii Rs.16,999
Lava A3 Rs.22,999

Colors Mobile Price in Nepal

 Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Colors Pride P5+ Champ  Rs.3,895
Colors Pride P20  Rs.4,345
Colors Pride P45  Rs.5,995
Colors Pride P50 Touch  Rs.6,695
Colors Pride P55 Selfie  Rs.7,495
Colors Pride P65  Rs.7,995
Colors Pride P70U  Rs.9,995
Colors Pride P85  Rs.9,995
Colors S1  Rs.9,995
Colors S9  Rs.11,995
Colors S11  Rs.12,495
Colors Pride P85+ Selfie Pro Rs.12,995

UMIdigi Mobile Price in Nepal 

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Umidigi London

Rs.9,800 (1GB)

Rs.11,530 (3GB)

Umidigi G Rs.14,900
Umidigi C Note  Rs.17,999
Umidigi Crystal Rs.22,499
Umidigi Z1 Pro Rs.39,999
Umidigi S2 Pro Rs.47,999

CUBOT Price in Nepal

Model Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Cubot J3 Rs. 9,500
Cubot R9 Rs. 12,675
Cubot R11 Rs. 14,300
Cubot Magic Rs. 14,820
Cubot Note Plus Rs. 16,100
Cubot Nova Rs.16,375
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