Microsoft Released Windows 10x for Foldable Notebooks

Susan Jyakhwo 17 Feb, 2020

Currently, most of the laptops are based on the Windows operating system. And Windows 10 is its latest OS which is famous among people. Besides windows, developers normally use Linux OS while Apple has its own macOS for its MacBooks. Recently Microsoft has unveiled its latest Windows 10X operating system that is majorly focused to support dual-screen devices like Surface Duo and Surface Neo.

window 10x

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The great thing on this update is that we would no longer need to rely on individual OEMs proprietary workarounds for the new format, which is generally clunk at best. They have released two new videos showing the Windows 10X running on their Surface Duo and Surface Neo notebooks. With the leak of these videos, we expect developers will be attracted to develops apps and software that will have beneficial effects for dual-screen devices. 

window 10x

Similarly, companies like LG and ZTE have shown interest and highlighted potential productivity. Microsoft conveys that with just a few more lines of code the new format will provide additional benefit to the users. Moreover, to update existing Windows applications is easy and it supports two screens seamlessly. For instance, Pics Art, an image editing application for Windows OS can use the benefit of dual screen. The primary screen shows control and editing tools while the secondary screen will show the finished image product utilizing screen space properly. Not only that it will also add special features to optimize the use of Surface Pen so that users can have high precise editing environment. 

 window 10x

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