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Huawei P20 Pro- The Best from Huawei

GadgetFrame 25 Jul, 2018

Chinese tech giant Huawei releases a new phone every year. To continue the trend, Huawei had launched one of the most exciting phones of this year with the best smartphone camera in the world. The triple Leica camera setup, beautiful design, and most importantly the flagship-grade specs take Huawei on the top. P20 is a superb smartphone which has some downsides too. P20 Pro features 6.10-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080x2240 pixels at a PPI of 408 pixels per inch. The phone was launched in March 2018 and was made available in Nepal in May 2018. We got a hands-on of the phone and reviewed the phone. This review is based on the personal experience of the user. 

P20 Pro Price in Nepal: Rs. 99,000

Pros Cons
Outstanding Camera No Headphone Jack
Great Battery Life No Wireless Charging
Fast Face Unlock  


P20 Pro Box 


Design and Display

Huawei P20 Pro is one of the best looking phones out there. The Twilight gradient color is just beautiful and the phone changes the looks in different lighting. 

P20 Pro Back

The overall build quality of the phone is excellent. The nice metal frame and premium-feeling buttons make P20 Pro alluring in every sense. The phone relaxes easily in the hand due to the finely curved glass backplate. Huawei engineered so well that a huge battery of 4000mAh fits so comfortably into such a thin profile of the P20 Pro.

 P20 Pro Notch

P20 Pro has the infamous notch but there is an option to hide it. Notch does not look that bad but for those who are not the fan of the notch can hide the notch. As for the display quality, it’s amongst the best on the market. Well, it may lack the sharpness and vibrancy of Samsung’s screens, but this is still one of the best displays on the market.

Hiding Notch Colors


It’s sharp, clear and easily visible even under direct sunlight. Every smartphone these days have a fingerprint sensor at the back but the phone has a fingerprint setup on the front which is slightly distinct from the trend of keeping it on the back. 

P20 Pro

Hardware and Performance 


P20-Pro-Performace P20 Pro Performance

In terms of hardware, the P20 Pro is a beast. It ships with the latest home-made Kirin 970 processor and other powerful components. The phone ships with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage that in combination with the AI, assure excellent all-around performance. When we talk about the overall performance, there was not a single lang that was felt while using the phone. All the graphics mammoth games ran smoothly on the phone -- thanks to Mali G72 Graphics processor. To be honest, there were some lags in the camera app which might be due to some software glitches, which we can hope soon to be mitigated by the software updates. 


P20 Pro Camera

A triple camera setup looks really impressive on P20 Pro. It consists of one 40MP RGB sensor, 8MP telephoto shooter, and 20MP monochrome lens. It has a small camera bump in the back which might not be impressive for everyone and for me it was not a problem. 

Camera Interface

Camera Interface 1 Camera App 2

 The P20 Pro uses the very large sensor, which is an unusually large 1/1.7 inch sensor, which is approximately twice the size of the smaller sensors in most competitors in the market. P20 Pro has 5x hybrid zoom, 4 in 1 hybrid focus system, 4D predictive focus, it can achieve ISO levels up to 102400, and it can record 960fps slow-motion at 720p. Also, AI-powered Kirin processor makes the best out of this powerful hardware configuration. In other words, AI helps to apply the best camera settings to take a nice-looking picture automatically. The scene selection is so precise that it can recognize every settings that you are trying to capture. All the images below are taken by automatic scene selected by the phone. 

Camera Samples

P20 Pro Camera Sample 1
P20 Pro Camera Sample 2
 P20 Pro Camera Sample 3
 P20 Pro Camera Sample 4
 P20 Pro Camera Sample 5
 P20 Pro Camera Sample 6

Front Camera Sample




In terms of connectivity, P20 Pro to be good and reliable in all aspects. Call quality is excellent and signal reception is actually better than most of the phones. Also, GPS is very accurate, Wifi is fast and Bluetooth works fine. Finally, there are quite a few sensors on board, like on most of the flagships. In a visit to outskirts of the valley, I had a 4G sim inserted in my P20 Pro and there was a good signal reception on the phone and there wasn't even a single signal bar on some other smartphones. 



P20-Pro-battery p20-pro-battery

The battery life at P20 is great. You can use P20 pro for any activities throughout the day without fear about battery life. It can easily handle excessive phone use for a whole day with its huge 4000mAh battery. In terms of standby time, there was almost no battery drainage on the phone. I found a problem with always on display. The phone seems to have drained battery faster even in standby mode with the always on display. This might be due to some software glitch. Hope, Huawei solves this problem sooner in next update. 

When it comes to the charger, the supplied Huawei’s fast charger can fully charge the phone at just about 1.5 h. Unfortunately, there is no wireless charging, which is kind of disappointing.


In terms of security, Huawei P20 Pro is one of the most secure phones in the world. It has got every security feature that the phone can have. For the security, the phone has both the fingerprint sensor and face-unlock. The fingerprint sensor is one the fastest that I've ever used. It is blazing fast that you don't even notice the animation time to reach the home screen. On the other side, the face unlock is accurate and reliable. It works even in the dark conditions which is one of the plus point using face unlock system. 

P20 Pro security


The Huawei P20 Pro is a premium and a solid flagship smartphone and there are many judgments to love it. In fact, this is simply the best phone Huawei has ever made. Its design, excellent build quality, nice and sharp display, very good and innovative camera setup, great overall performance and solid battery life are the attracting factor of P20 Pro. The fingerprint scanner is on the front, Face ID works very well, there are a dual SIM card slot, IP67 certification and some other extras like the IR blaster and great stereo speaker system.

The biggest downside is that there is no stabilization in 4K video mode. There is no microSD card slot, no headset jack, and no wireless charging. Finally, camera app needs a little bit of improvement and it will be improved over the time since the phone is still running on an early software build.


P20 Pro






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