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Huawei Mobile Services(HMS) Users Reach 400 Million, Is it Challenging Android?

Sanjeev Dulal 6 Apr, 2020

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone company, recently announced the launch of its new P40 Series with Huawei P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus. During the launch of the smartphone with its own operating system, Huawei Mobile Services, Huawei's Consumer Business Department CEO Richard Yu also released statistics. According to Huawei, the number of active users of mobile services has reached 400 million and these statistics may actually be a headache for Google.

Speaking about Huawei Mobile Services, CEO Yu said that Google has made huge money through cooperation with Huawei. However, with Google's ban on Huawei last year, Google's mobile services were not permitted on Huawei's new phones. The company then introduced its own Huawei mobile service as an alternative. According to the CEO, the number of monthly active users of Huawei's platform now reaches 400 million, and it is available in over 170 countries and in their languages. The App Gallery on Huawei Mobile Services is a competitor to Google's Play Store. There are two categories of apps - Normal and Quick App. Quick Apps are web-based HTML files that are easy to use and fast, he said.

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The company has announced a new courtesy policy to attract more app developers to Huawei's App Gallery. According to the report, Huawei contributes 90 percent of its revenue to app developers and only holds about 10 percent of its revenue. While Google has put app developers at 70 percent and themselves at 30 percent.

Earlier this year, Huawei acquired TomTom for Maps and Services. TomTom is Dutch navigation and digital mapping company. According to the speaker of TomTom, Huawei has previously agreed with a deal for using their services in their imminent smartphones. After this deal, Huawei will be adopting TomTom’s maps for traffic information, and navigation systems in their smartphones and to develop apps for smartphones.

Just last month, Chinese smartphone brands Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi formed an alliance. The alliance, called the Global Developer Service Alliance, was actually to develop a shared platform where app developers outside of China could upload their apps. Analysts believe that Chinese smartphone companies have teamed up to challenge the dominance of Google's PlayStore and reduce its over-reliance on Google systems. Although the collective platform is said to be launching in March, it seems uncertain looking at the current global situation. 


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