Huawei Map Kit Coming Soon: Be Scared Google Maps & Apple's Map

Sujan Koirala 15 Aug, 2019

As an alternative and Plan B incase US ban against Huawei take place in future, Huawei had already developed its own operating system as HarmonyOS. Not only developed, but they have also installed the OS in their upcoming TV branding as Honor Vision TV. Now, in order to make the ecosystem stronger, they are developing their own Mapping Application: Huawei Map Kit.

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Google Maps and Apple’s Maps are dominating the current mobile system. But Huawei doesn't want to be solely dependent on them so developing own has started. As a matter of fact, If the US ban takes place again in the future, Huawei won't be able to use any Google Services along with Android. So, the decision seems fruitful to make their own mapping service and embed them in own OS aka HarmonyOS.


As per the reports, the Map Kit won't be available for customers for now. Rather they are for their developers to make use of their own mapping services while building applications in their OS.

According to Zhang Pigan, the President of Cloud Services at Huawei Consumer Business Group,” Map Kit will provide real-time traffic conditions, a highly advanced navigation system that can recognize when a car switches between lanes, and also have support for AR mapping.

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In making Map Kit, Huawei will be assisted by Russia’s Yandex and US travel site Booking Holdings

What are your thoughts for this Map Kit? Do you want to try a new taste in Mapping Service or you are OK with existing services? Drop your views in the comment section below.

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