Hamro Patro Launches Hamro Market: Kathmandu | An e-Commerce Platform

Sujan Koirala 29 Nov, 2019

There is barely a Nepali smartphone user who doesn’t have the Hamro Patro app on their smartphone. Hamro Patro is one of the most popular and most downloaded apps in Nepal with 5Millions+ downloads in Android. Hamro Patro is mostly popular for an online calendar. Adding one more feature to the app, Hamro Patro has introduced a new e-commerce platform as Hamro Patro: Kathmandu.

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Hamro Patro provides various services and features like an online calendar( which includes all the festivals), Horoscope, Jyotish/Pandit, Gold/Silver rate, Foreign Currency exchange rate, radio, news, blog, videos and many more. With the launch of Hamro Market: Kathmandu, the most popular hamrobazaar.com have to face a strong competitor.

Hamro Market: Kathmandu is a community-based platform that you can join here via facebook. You can post or buy the products from this community which already have more than 7K users. In this initial phase, Hamro Market: Kathmandu will support only 4 categories of products.

  1. Real estate
  2. Bikes
  3. Cars
  4. Mobile Phones and Accessories

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Its been a week for the launch of this Hamro Market: Kathmandu (Launched on November 21, 2019), as of writing this blog, it has 7.2K users. This means the community is growing rapidly and getting a very positive response. I hope to see this community grow even further and rise as one of the trusted e-commerce sites in Nepal. Finger Crossed !!!


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