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Government Launched COVIDNP App to Track and Trace Coronavirus

Sanjeev Dulal 9 May, 2020

To contain the increasing number of COVID-19 patients in the country, the government has published a separate app for tracking and tracing of the infected person.  COVID NP app was launched to control the growing number of corona infections in the country despite a long period of lockdown. The movement of people within the country is increasing and it is getting difficult to contain that virus. The app was then developed under the COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) and unveiled by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Ishwar Pokharel on Saturday. The app was revealed at an event held at the CCMC set up in the camp for epidemic prevention and control.

Honourable Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had announced the use of a tracing app to identify possible coronavirus infected people during his address for the nation of April 9. The app is now ready within a month of the announcement. Due to the lack of identification and information of the possible infected, it is suspected that the exact number of corona could not be determined. Prime Minister Oli's IT expert Asghar Ali said the tracing app is available on the Google Play Store and will be ready on the iOS App Store in a few days.

What is COVIDNP App?

The app is intended at identifying potential patients and facilitating timely treatment, including quick health consultations. The app, which has been made public for corona tracing, can be downloaded freely, said Ali, an IT expert for the Prime Minister. This app, developed voluntarily by iMark Pvt. Ltd., working in the field of information technology, has made public after a few weeks of testing. Saying that the app is similar to those used in other countries, Ali requested everyone to use it. He expressed confidence that the government would be as victorious in regulating the transition as in South Korea if everyone used the COVIDNP app rightly.

According to Ram Prasad Dhungana, Chairman of iMark Pvt. Ltd., the users can be classified into three categories of green, yellow and red by assessing the answers collected based on the questions asked. He informed that the app has been developed with the contribution of more than 70 professionals and health workers working in different fields. Stating that it is important to give true information about COVID-19 to the people, Deputy Prime Minister Pokharel asked all to use the app that is intended for the information of coronavirus. 

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Similarly, Secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Narayan Prasad Bidari said that it was necessary to adopt high vigilance to bring ease and simplicity in the use of the app and to prevent misuse of the app. IT expert Ali said, "Testing has made the app more useful". The app will provide detailed information on the symptoms of COVID-19 disease, precautions to be taken to avoid infection, and health check-ups. Along with the mobile app, web application has also been made public.

How to use the app and data Security

The app is available for free to download from Google's Play Store with the name Covid NP. Just simply download it and start using the app. The app asks for access to your device location, Bluetooth, phone number and data sharing before starting to use it. Once you let the app to access the mentioned services, you will have to sign up with your phone number and some other details which are really easy and quick. After signing in, you'll be asked several questions in which you can simply select one of the two answers. Furthermore, you'll be constantly monitored for your movement when you use this app. Similarly, the company has also launched the Web App which is useful for some people. 

The facts and figures provided in the app are expected to establish a link between the Ministry of Health, developers, users and stakeholders through the server of the National Information Center. It is believed that if users of the app turn on Bluetooth, it will be easier for citizens to identify potentially infected people. Due to which iMark has also urged all users not to turn off Bluetooth. It is believed that the app will be fruitful to keep factual and integrated statistics regarding COVID-19.

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