Officially Launched With Chhaka Panja 3 Team

GadgetFrame 9 Oct, 2018

Gadgetframe – “a complete guide for gadgets” was launched amid celebrities and journalists at a grand event in Kathmandu today. The event was set to officially launch the gadget portal developed by Six Sigma Inc. Pvt. Ltd., a private software development company based on Kathmandu. The event took place with the collaboration with the upcoming movie Chhaka Panja 3 team.

The portal has is launched to provide every information about gadgets in the same platform. Primarily, gadgetframe makes its debut in the market to provide information about every kind of gadgets with their features, price and the stores where they are available for purchase.

Gadgetfarme launch event

Preparing for the last moment of advertisement for the movie, the director cum actors of movie Chhaka Panja 3 were present in the event. The celebrity guests spoke about the portal with the feature and its importance for the people and the market.

Speaking in the event, the Chairman of the company Ram Krishna Dahal spoke about the portal. He stated that the web portal currently has a complete description of over 100,000 products of more than 100 mobile brands available worldwide. Gadgetframe also provides the unique feature to compare between two or more smartphones, the price of that particular smartphone in the market and even the stores where the device is available. All the information is available in a single click.

Gadgetfarme launch event

The company also targets to provide all the information about every electronic gadget in the near future. Currently, Gadgetframe provides the platform for the selection of the smartphones according to the user's budget and the features they are looking for. Furthermore, the latest product reviews, blogs, and news of smartphones and user's feedback are also available in Gadgetframe.

In the event, the popular duo of Nepali movie industry, Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shri Niraula was present along with the popular comedian actor Kedar Ghimire. Gadgetframe being a gadget partner of movie Chhaka Panja 3, is continuing a collaborative cooperation with the movie. The popular sequel of movie Chhaka Panja, Chhaka Panja 3 is set to premiere on 24th of Ashwin on the auspicious occasion of Ghatasthapana.    

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