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  • Fusemachines Launches AI-powered Educational Platform, Fuse Classroom | Classroom of Future!

Fusemachines Launches AI-powered Educational Platform, Fuse Classroom | Classroom of Future!

Sanjeev Dulal 28 Apr, 2020

Fuse Machines Inc., a provider of Artificial Intelligence skills and educational solutions, has launched Fuse Classroom. Fusemachines is a company that primarily provides Artificial Intelligence Talent and Education Solutions globally.  The company has stated that the fuse classroom has been designed keeping in mind about the students and the latest artificial intelligence combined.  According to the Fusemachines, the platform is intended to devise innovative online learning experiences for students with AI innovations intended to observe improvement, answer questions, and make smart recommendations to students who need support with courses.

What is Fuse Classroom?

Fuse classroom is a unique AI integrated platform that combines the tools and software needed to run a class into a single unified online platform with the aim to transform educational institutions. According to the company, AI, mobile and web application technology will bring schools into the AI ​​era and provide a creative online learning experience for students. It includes AI features to monitor progress, answer questions and provide the necessary support to students in the curriculum.

fuse calssrooms

“Our core mission at Fusemachines is to Democratize AI. We are constantly thinking about how AI can be used to better the world. More than one year ago, we began building an education platform with the intention of helping schools to create a better online learning experience for students and recognized a need to help streamline core school operations beyond the classroom as well." said Sameer Maskey, founder and CEO. He also added, "In the wake of COVID-19, we have decided to launch Fuse Classroom ahead of schedule in an effort to support schools in their time of need. We believe Fuse Classroom will have a profound impact on the way educational institutions bring themselves to the digital forefront in the era of AI. We believe machines can improve the learning experience of students at scale with personalized learning and feedback. This is something we are truly excited about”. 

The Fuse Classroom will also support other school activities such as out-of-class educational counselling, community building and alumni, and transform the school experience into other diverse dimensions through the use of AI, the company said. Here are some features of the Fuse Classroom platform-

  • Fuse Classroom - The Fuse Classroom is an entire platform that aims to provide classroom facilities to colleges and universities throughout the country and other developing nations in the world. It makes all curriculum online by integrating all the tools that the instructors need in a traditional classroom that we are used to. The software basically turns the whole of the school into one online platform with a one-stop AI-powered educational experience. 

  • Fuse Admissions - The fuse classroom avoids the traditional way of taking admissions which is often a lengthy and tiring process.  With this platform, admins can track candidates, let them give entrance exams, admit students, and send receipts all in one place. 

  • Fuse Live Classes - Teachers can give and record live classes with this platform. This feature includes the online-live feature that has a lot of additional tools to facilitate meaningful learning for students. These tools include a whiteboard feature, separate online rooms for group discussions, and chat functionality as well.

    fuse classrooms live classes
  • Fuse Course Coordinator - This feature assists course managers to design new courses, find teachers, and other useful supplies.

  • Fuse Instructor - Facilitates department to efficiently conduct tests and quizzes and interact with their students.

  • Fuse TA - Assists teaching associates to assist students with assignments and other course material.

  • Fuse Counselor - This service is for counsellors that benefits supervision and career instructors track student mental wellness and their course progression.

  • Fuse Progress Tracking - It should be easy for school proprietors and managers to have access to the stats of all their students and how they’re advancing. The tracker shows the abundance of videos students watch, quizzes they complete, assignments they turn in, and additional key metrics.

  • Fuse Mobile App - Fuse Classroom app presents easy access to everything in their platform, from on-demand instructional videos to homework and even their live classes.

fuse classroom app

Fusemachines is an AI education and talent solutions provider. Fusemachines, founded by Sameer Maskey, Ph.D., who is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, now has a presence across 4 countries - Nepal, United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic with more than 250 full-time employees. Fusemachines is seeking to bring its global expertise in AI to help transform education institutions around the world. Fusemachines has offices in four countries, including Nepal, the United States, Canada and the Dominican Republic. It aims to bring global expertise on AIS to educational institutions around the world.

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