Color OS 7 Unveiled: Features and Supported Devices

Susan Jyakhwo 22 Nov, 2019

Google’s Android OS is the major open-source platform that is used by lots of smartphone companies to create an operating system for their smartphones. Besides Android, iOS is the only major competitor operating system in the market. Most Smartphone companies like Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. are placing the skin on top of the stock Android OS to provide additional features to the users. 

Oppo has recently revealed its new Color OS 7 which is based on Android 10. This is a major update as all the smartphones of Oppo were previously running on Color OS 6 based on Android 9 Pie. Here we highlighted major features and lists of devices that will support Color OS. 

 color os 7

Overview of Color OS 7

Since Color OS 7 is based on Android 10, it will have a system-wide dark theme feature that was not available in its previous version. It is also expected to have a more pleasant and visually comforting color system that will reduce eye strain while using a device. Oppo stated that Color OS 7 will reduce application start time by up to 40% and increase system resource efficiency by 30%. Not only that the software update will optimize RAM usage for better gaming-performance and will also boost the graphical performance. 

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Features of Color OS 7

The waiting was over and finally, Oppo smartphone users will be able to use the latest Android 10 on their device. The major change users will notice while updating is the color and its visual design. A more comfortable color scheme and customizable icon pack will improve the user’s experience. The icon pack can now be resized and shapes can be changed. 

Similarly, the sound effects are also slightly modified and improved to match the effect with real-world scenarios. The company had added new sound effects to provide an immersive and soothing experience to the users. Talking about the performance improvement, new smarter RAM optimization will drastically increase the app startup time and reduces RAM usage which will create flowless application usage and gaming experience. 

color os dark theme

Additionally, Breeno voice assistant has also been improved and multiple new functionalities had been added to it. Breeno sleep mode, Breeno driving mode, Breeno automatic command, etc. are the major added features of voice assistant. 

About the camera department, an improved portrait mode 2.0, a night mode and a super focus mode will improve the photography of the oppo smartphone users drastically. Not only that, a new gallery interaction recording, one-click soloop video editor and sharing functionality provide users convenient and creative experience over previously available functionality. 

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Key Features of Color OS 7

  • Renovated user interface
  • New customizable icon pack
  • Latest wallpapers
  • Improved Breeno smart voice assistant
  • Optimized smarter RAM management system
  • Portrait Mode 2.0
  • New sound effects
  • Soloop video editor
  • Pleasant visual interface

Update Release Date

Officially Oppo had stated that they will provide updates for Oppo devices in China. Reno series are the first to get Color OS 7 update in China and the expected release date is November 25, 2019. Within this year most of the Reno series will get update not only in China but also in devices globally. Provided below is the list of the devices which will get update for Color OS 7.

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List of Oppo Phones

1st update release: within December 2019

2nd update release:  Q1 and Q2 of 2020

realme phones

Realme Phones: Feb-Apr, 2020


Just after the release of Color OS 7 in China, Oppo will spread the update all over the globe. The latest smartphones of oppo are kept at higher priority while releasing the ROM, thus, older devices will get update little late than newer version one and it does not mean that the company will not provide an update for older devices. Are you an Oppo smartphone user? Does your device is in the provided list? Let us know in a comment below what you think about Color OS 7.

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