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CG Internet Announced | Fastest Internet at the Lowest Price !!!

Sujan Koirala 1 Jun, 2021

We already have enough options for ISPs in Nepal where Worldlink, Subisu, Vianet are the dominating ones. Now, one more competitor joins the list with some promising packages. Yes, we are talking about CG which is announced today. With the slogan “Speed That Matters”, CG NET is expected to bring revolution in the ISP sector of Nepal. 

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With already available ISPs, some people are satisfied with the services and some are not. Now, the customers have one more option to choose and it might hamper the existing ones. As we already know CG Telecom was rumored to arrive in the country but due to conflict with Nepal Telecommunication for the license, CG Group has now shifted to the internet. The company even had tied up with Huawei for the service but for now, the plan to launch CG Telecom is postponed. 

CG Net Plans

As from the slogan, the company will focus on speed but not to forget they are providing the fastest speed at a very low price. Till now, we only have 100Mbps internet speed for residential users but now, CG Net brings 120Mbps. 


  • All prices are TSC inclusive
  • 13% VAT applicable
  • Fair Usage Policy is applicable
  • Refundable deposit to be returned when subscriber returns the router in working condition. 

Fair Usage Policy

For now, CG Net is available in Jawalakhel, Jhamsikhel, and Harihar Bhawan area. But the company promises to provide the service to 3 districts of Kathmandu valley within a year and extend it to all over the country. 

So, what’s your take on this new ISP in the country? Nepali Social Media is already flooded with this news and most of them are happy and excited to join this new ISP. 


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