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Sanjeev Dulal 17 Feb, 2020

Accurate, a popular smartphone accessories brand in Nepal has been working hard to bring affordable yet quality products in Nepal. True wireless headphones are one of the most significant trends in audio right now, with the major headphone brands striving to claim a piece of the action following the debut and consequent progress of Apple AirPods. Although the bigger brands are brining great earbuds, they are utterly expensive. Keeping this thing on sight, Accurate has launched the new pair of earbuds in Nepal. 

The company lately launched its great audio device,  Accurate True Wireless EarBuds (TWS) in Nepal at an amazing price. You are getting a good pair of earbuds at just Rs. 3,199 and they are available in two color variants of Black and White. Check out the latest price of Accurate products available here in Nepal. 

Accurate True Wireless Earbuds Overview

Accurate TWS is a basic wireless earbud with great pricing. It is one of the entry-level earbuds with good sound quality and great battery backup. 


Overall, the Accurate TWS looks attractive, with a slick all-white and all-black design comprising two earbuds and a charging case.  The earbuds look sleek and compact, with the proper fit on the ear. The bud(top) section of the TWS looks almost similar to that of first-generation Apple AirPods but looks different at the bottom.

accurate tws design

The buds are very stable and comfortable to use. The lack of cables dragging them down means they stay in the ear through a movement of the body. Apart from looking good, the bud-housing act as touch controls, which can be used to play/pause music, forward or reverse the music tracks, answer and end calls, and launch voice assistant on compatible devices.

Accurate TWS charging case

Now over the charging case; it’s much compact, and can effortlessly fit into your pocket when you’re listening on the go. Given the price, the case usually feels considerably sturdy, with a snap-shut lid that holds the earbuds in place when they’re not in use. 

On the outside of the case, there are four small LED that indicates how much battery the case has, whereas an LED inside the buds tells you how much charge your earbuds have left.

accurate tws charging case

On the left bottom of the case, there’s a USB-C charger port – the Accurate TWS comes with a USB cable so you can charge the case. The buds themselves have three hours battery life, while the charging case provides charging the buds for almost 4 times – pretty good for true wireless buds.

Features and performance

If you have a phone with Bluetooth connectivity, pairing the buds is a seamless practice. There isn’t an issue connecting the device to the phone. Playing the songs on the phone for the first time and we were impressed by the detail and clarity of the vocal parts. 

accurate tws earbuds

The sound quality of these true wireless buds is also very good surely, with good bass, and a wide-open soundstage; although, audiophiles may want to look elsewhere for more natural sound processing, as the accurate sounds very warm.

Accurate True Wireless Earbuds Price in Nepal and Availability

Accurate TWS is available in Nepal for the purchase and this earbud is officially available in Daraz and in the offline stores all across the country. Accurate is providing one year of warranty on the earbuds and this is really the sweet deal. The price of Accurate TWS in Nepal is Rs. 3199.  

accurate accessories earbud wireless earphone earphones

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