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Nepal to launch its very own Satellite by May 2019

GadgetFrame 11 Jan, 2019

Brace yourself Nepalese and especially tech-savvy, we are having our very own Satellite floating in the beautiful natural blue roof above us. New Year 2019 A.D brings the good news that will turn into reality in the upcoming New Year 2076 B.S.

 Very soon, we will be counted as the Country With own satellite. In this huge Glory The Kyutech, Japan (Kyushu Institute of Technology) provided the helping hand.

 As per the chief of Technical Department, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Rabindra Prasad Dhakal, Nepal Government is providing 20 million for the project. The project is being led by the two Nepalese engineers at kyutech. One of them Mr. Abhash Maskey (Ph.D. in “Space technology Engineering”) and another Mr. HareRam Shrestha (Masters in Electrical Engineering).

 Satellite Nepal

The name of the Satellite is not quite clear. As per the report of Kantipur, it is said to be NepSat-1 but according to Nagarik, it states to be Birds-3. We will update about it after it is officially disclosed.

 The satellite will click pictures of various parts of the nation and flow the statistics about its various, Parts Mountains, hills, forests, glaciers, roads, etc.

The Government is actually launching Nano-satellite. It is a small satellite of 10 cubic centimeter form factor and around 1 kg of weight.

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Nepal had been using satellites from other countries for communication & various other purposes. Due to this, we have been paying a huge chunk of money. After the completion of this project, we will be capable of our own and overcome financial crisis & National Compromise.

It is the biggest milestone in the history of Nepal. We would like to provide more about it but there's no complete information. Such as on what height level the satellite would hover around, where would the launch take place, what will be on the temporal resolution (how frequent the images would be captured), how many bands these images would have. Definitely, this would be the great basis for planning with location-specific justifications.

So be ready to witness the historical milestone being unfold & hope everything favors us. Something is happening in Nepal keep your eyes & ears open tech buffs!!!


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